Monday, December 22, 2014

Bring on the Holiday Music!

 by Tara Andrews

While I don’t like to see the stores gearing up for Christmas before Halloween, and I can’t even think of starting my shopping before December 1st, I can’t wait to hear some of my favorite holiday songs. The ones I had played well past Christmas the year before and eventually had to take out of my playlist just so people stopped looking at me funny.
Now, I happen to celebrate Christmas (if you haven’t guess from the above already – LOL), so I thought I’d be fun to talk about Christmas songs. Of course, my character Rachel, from Her Everything, just had to put in her two cents as well. She needed the little distraction because Mark is still on tour and will be cutting it close to coming home by Christmas this year. So, we started tossing around our favorites….

Me:  Well, I’ll start it off. On the top of my list of must haves is “Let’s Be Naughty and Save Santa the Trip,” by Gary Allan. This laid back, sexy version, encourages all sorts of naughty thoughts, and it’s definitely not your average Christmas song!  You can’t even find this song on iTunes, you have to go to his website around this time of year or find it on YouTube. Oh, and I happen to have it pinned to a board on Pinterest. LOL.
Rachel:  Yes, that one is good, but you don’t need to wait till Christmas to be naughty.
Me: <Blinks in utter shock at my otherwise conservative character.>
Rachel: Hey, I can joke around, too, you know.
Me: Okay. Moving on. Now, I had a hard choosing my next song. Pentatonix has a couple I really like, but I think I’d have to go with “Little Drummer Boy.”
Rachel: They have great harmony. That song gives me chills.
Me:  I agree. There’s also the a cappella group, Straight No Chaser, too. Their version of “O Holy Night” is chill worthy as well. But I have to say I really enjoy their song, “The Christmas Can-Can.”  Pokes fun at all the Christmas Craziness.
Rachel:  They have a nice version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, too.
Me:  Another good one. How about “A New York Christmas,” by Rob Thomas? 
Rachel:  One of Mark’s favorites.
Me: I like it because it’s contemporary and, being from New York, it makes me feel right at home.
Rachel:  Speaking of contemporary, one of the first contemporary pop songs I remember loving was “All I want for Christmas,” by Mariah Carey. Oh, and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” by U2. And “Please Come Home for Christmas,” by Gary Allan, you should love that I picked that one.
Me: Okay, I can see where this is heading, you want Mark home. I get it, and he will be in a few days. Anyway, we hope we’ve introduced you to some new songs that may brighten this holiday season. Happy Holidays to you!

Here’s a little bit about Rachel and Mark’s story:

Rachel Turner made a mistake—a couple, in fact. Ruining a surprise meeting with the front man to her favorite band is just the beginning. But agreeing to switch places with her famous sister may spell the end of both of their careers. With rumors flying and an unexpected invitation from Madame Eve, Rachel hopes she can put the mistakes behind her.
Attending an event to support a charity close to his heart, Mark Travis wasn’t looking for love, or even company—and definitely not with a fan. But when he puts in a hasty bid at a silent auction and wins the services of 1Night Stand, Madame Eve has something different in mind. A single evening with a woman she claims can fulfill his needs. But one night might not be enough.
Come morning, will Mark and Rachel’s unexpected one-night stand give them more than they bargained for?

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Tara Andrews divides her time between a full-time job as an office manager, an even more full-time job as a wife and mother, and her dream job as a romance author. An avid reader and writer, Tara continuously seeks to hone her craft in order to provide readers with stories that are provocative yet romantic.
Tara lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband and two fabulous children.

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Twitter: @tara_andrews1

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