Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Carnivore Club Vegas is Now Open!

A few years ago I happened upon—fictionally speaking—a little club in a small town where everyone with the slightest interest in kink could get together and socialize. Located in a strip mall just off the highway, the Carnivore Club’s décor was less than fabulous, with red booths salvaged from a defunct restaurant and a disco ball casting a few sparkles of light on the postage-stamp dance floor. But the friendship was warm, the possibilities of meeting someone special real, and judgment non-existent.
And that was where Barry met Lily, a gorgeous half-Japanese, half-Italian young woman new to the lifestyle with her eye on a Dom twice her size with a thousand times her experience. They had one amazing afternoon together then something went wrong.
Lily has disappeared without a trace and taken Barry’s heart with her. But mourning cannot last forever.

For Barry, the opportunity to help build the newest Las Vegas resort, the BDSM focused Carnivore Club offers the chance to put aside two years of longing for the sub who ran away. In the glittering city in the desert, he could make a new start and a new life. The gift of a 1Night Stand from his mysterious partner in the endeavor
Lily’s fears drove her away from the man of her dreams. In fact, she ran all the way home to learn her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and needed her help. After two years of caring for her mother, they lost the fight and Lily was cast adrift to once again pick of the threads of her life. Terrified she’d flee the instant things got too intense, Lily asks Madame Eve to help her set up a date with a Dom. If she can handle one night with a stranger, maybe she can return to Barry and beg him to take her back.

Lily slipped the silver bangle into her pocket—she wouldn’t wear it until she’d confirmed her readiness to be his—and stared in the mirror. Three years older than the last time she’d seen him, with faint shadows under her eyes from bouts of crying. With the funeral the week before, her responsibilities to her mother were over. She’d never again need her help to dress or shampoo her wigs, to take her meds, a ride to the hospital for chemo….
Cancer was a bitch way to die.
The day after her mother’s passing, she’d filled out the online application for a date through the 1Night Stand service. Expecting it to take weeks, maybe months, to fill her very specific request, she’d been shocked at the immediate response.
She’d contacted Madame Eve, begged to change the date of her one-night stand with a Dom, but the e-mail reply had stated that the arrangements would be difficult to change. If she cancelled, it would likely be a long time before another date of this type could be scheduled. And this was to be the test. She planned to return to home, to the original Carnivore Club and beg Barry to take her back…. She didn’t expect him to agree, but she had to try
If…and this was a big if…she could survive a single night with a Dom without feeling the urge to run. So many emotions had opened during the one afternoon and night she’d spent with Barry, she hadn’t been able to deal with the outpouring. She’d had no idea what she’d taken on and, beset with hysterics after he left, she’d fled. Home. To her mother, like all grownups do.
It hadn’t taken long to realize her mistake, but her mother’s diagnosis of leukemia suddenly made her presence a necessity. There had been ups and down, but at last the disease had its slow, painful way with her mother, stripping her of flesh and spirit before it stripped her of life. Despite a sometimes contentious relationship over the years, Lily and her mother had fought the battle together. And lost.
Lily was free again. Free to pursue the man who had haunted her dreams for four long years. If he had time for a scared bunny of a sub who’d left without a word and hadn’t had the courage to contact him since.
But if she could survive this one night—put herself at the feet of a strange Dom and do his bidding, be his to do with as he pleased for one night—she felt sure she could fling herself at Barry’s feet. Sub, slave…pet. She’d done a lot of research in four lonely years and while she did not see herself in a role other than submissive to his Dominant, she’d agree to anything to be his.

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  1. Right up my alley! Can't wait to get some time to read this one. :D