Friday, February 20, 2015

Hot Vacation Fantasies

There are parts of Canada that get much colder than Southern Ontario where I live. But, as I type this the temperature is hovering at -16c and I’m doing shots of cold medicine like a sailor on leave. An escape to a warmer, tropical climate is a rare luxury but that’s one of my favourite parts of being an author. Writing a book set in Mexico meant that I thought about that incredible country for months as I worked on this story. 

I’ve been lucky enough to take two real life trips there with my husband. The first was twenty years ago when we were dating and the second was a couple years ago and both times we went to Puerto Vallarta. When I wrote the story I took my favourite parts of the resort we stayed at and used them.
The rocks at the end of one side of the beach made a perfect place for Amadora to indulge in her own fantasy while hiding her from the view of almost everyone else.
 I remember the feel of the warm breeze on my skin and the heady scent of tropical flowers in the air. That wild feeling that comes with knowing that no one knows you there and odds are anyone you meet, you’ll never see again.
That’s what Amadora was thinking when she arranged a night of fantasies with Madame Eve…

When Amadora wins a trip to a Mexican resort, she contacts Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service to live out a one-time fantasy—a night with two hot men.
Undercover DEA agents Jason and Angus have been playing it fast and loose with each other. The sex is good, but Jason blames himself for his wife’s death during a stakeout and refuses to weigh his heart down with any more guilt. Angus hasn’t told Jason how much he cares about him for fear of being pushed away.
Meeting Amy forces them both to reevaluate their relationship and consider more than one night as a threesome. When her life is threatened, can the three of them accept the risk to their hearts and take a chance on the love they all crave?

Angus slid his hands along the delicious curves where her waist dipped in. “It’s all about you tonight, baby.”
“But, I don’t want you to think you’re being forced…I mean, I know this is only one night.”
Angus bit his lip to keep from laughing. It might be a single night in the grand scheme of things, but not in the way she thought. It would be their first night. He certainly didn’t feel forced at the moment and knew Jason would say the same. Amy had a sweet soul behind her sexual bravado.
Jason pushed away from the wall and closed the space between them.
“Remember, we told you no means no. That goes for us as well, and believe me there is nothing I’d like more then to bend Angus over that bed and have him. I also want you right there next to us, touching us, satisfying all your fantasies.”
It had been a long time since Angus had been in Jason’s bed. He’d take him rough and Angus would be sore in the morning, but he’d love every moment of it. It would be their night, the one night that would define their future.
“I want that,” Amy whispered and had his face not been so close, he might have missed it.
“Show me where you want my hands, Amadora,” Jason demanded, taking charge of the choreography. He had a sixth sense when it came to emotions. Angus’s heart belonged to him, but Jason hadn’t been ready to accept that. So Angus had waited for the perfect moment and couldn’t fight the suspicion the evening would change everything.
He allowed Jason to see his longing for Amy wash over him. Both of them were created for him, and he didn’t want to wait any longer. He nibbled the silky skin below her ear and kissed the elegant column of her neck. When she led his palms to her breasts, he cupped their delicate weight.
“Put your hands over Angus’s and move them where you want them. I want you to use him as your own personal toy.” Jason’s voice carried an edge to it that lit Angus’s blood on fire. Her continual tremors indicated it affected her, too.

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