Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You are Cordially Invited....

You are cordially invited to the Sins of the Angel Masquerade Ball

Being held at the Carnivore Club from 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.

During the masquerade:
All masks must remain in place.
No real names may be used. We will refer to our guests by their characters’ names.
Non-alcoholic beverages are available and recommended for those who plan to play later.

After the Masquerade:
The dungeon monitors, who may be identified by their gold vests—male—or gold corsets—female—will be available throughout the evening. They are charged to refuse admittance to the playroom to any guests who appear intoxicated. They are charged with ensuring a pleasurable and safe evening for all.
Normal club rules will be enforced. Respect our house safewords: Red for stop and yellow for slow down.
No one shall play without signed waivers and checklists.

I have to admit when Dakota Trace came to me and said; “Hey, have you seen the new sub call?” I was a little apprehensive. In about six or eight lines, we were given directions for what Decadent wanted in our stories. A little mystery. A dash of steel. And a hint of whips. Thrown all together you get The Carnivore Club. But, it was new. The only directive we got…be creative. Big no-no for someone like me. I will go balls to the walls and design this elaborate club, because once I get started, I don’t know where to stop. With that in mind, I sat down with Dakota and we started planning. The biggest question, if this was our place to play in, what would we want? What would stand out as cool and unusual?
As you’ve seen in Dakota’s post, we went underground. We built The Devil’s Playground into a mine shaft. But, how did we keep it a secret? How did we continuously surprise our guests? Well it all starts in the ballroom.
Like with any ballroom, the place is opulent. High vaulted ceilings with chandeliers. Natural toned marble floors to match the playground below and in the middle of it all is a giant star—which is so much more than it seems. The room is circular with six archways leading to different areas attached to the space. Of course to the naked eye, you would hardly notice any of it. We wanted everything to appear seamless.
In a way you can call Dakota and I magicians. And, like every good magician, we won’t tell you our secrets. However, at midnight, all of our surprises will be revealed. You can see for yourself in Kotori’s Sacrifice, The Bodyguard and The Dom and Their Secretary. You’ll experience with the characters how the ballroom transforms into something more.

As for the Masquerade itself, we wanted to do something a little different. Since 1Night Stand is famous for putting together two people who sometimes don’t know each other or in some cases do know each other, we wanted to have a little fun. Play with the matchmaking a little. As soon as Kate said, the club is brand new and just opening, I jumped at the chance to make it a party. So, once Dakota and I got the basic concept of the ballroom and the playground drawn up, we started on the idea for the ball.

We wanted something that would fit the theme of the club, so we started throwing titles out. Saints and Sinners, Good and Evil, and Devils and Angels to name a few. But, for it to have more of BDSM vibe, we went a little dirty and a little gritty. As soon as Dakota popped off with Sins of the Angels, I automatically saw a demon spanking an angel. Kinky, I know, but it worked.
Once we had the title, it was easy to come up with the dress code and the costumes were provided by Madame Eve. Some are book characters and some are anime. While others are mythical creatures. In order to for the characters to find their date for the evening, they had to search for their match. For my two stories, I chose Faust (The devil and the virgin maiden) and Dracula. (Dracula, Jonathan Harker, and Mina.)
In the end, what I believe we’re both hoping for is to entertain, you, our readers. We want you to have an amazing time in the little world we created, and to keep coming back for more. As of right now, I am working on another story centered at The Carnivore Club and it will involve two of the characters you’ll meet in both mine and Dakota’s stories.
Until then, keep reading….

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