Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let’s Play Secret Wish

By Starla Kaye

I know it’s dating me, but do you remember those “Calgon, take me away” commercials? If not, the jest of them was that you’ve had a difficult day and really need a good soak in the bathtub…alone. You need to let the warm water and scented bath fragrance soothe away your mental and physical pains. Ever felt that way?
Okay, with that in mind (either doing so in reality, or by letting your thoughts wander along that line), let’s go a step further. Put yourself in a fantasy setting: an island with no electronics around you, no social media harassing or calling to you. Or maybe you’re at a luxury resort with too many options to pamper yourself to choose from. Or you’re in a… Well, you choose your escape from life setting.
What else has been a tempting fantasy for far too long? Maybe you’re at poolside and it’s really hot out. Wouldn’t it be delicious to have a skimpily clad, super hunk offer to fan you…while you savor just staring at every perfect inch of him? Maybe he sits beside you and hand feeds you plump grapes, sweet papaya pieces, or chocolate truffles. Then you lick his fingers and he… Supply your own bit of imagination here. Hey, maybe you want there to be two men, or another woman.
Maybe, like my Maggie in Maggie’s Secret Wish, you have a slightly naughty secret that teases and tempts you from time to time. But you’re reluctant to let the people around you know anything about it. And then someone close to you finds out about it, like her close friend did. Suddenly her little secret wish had the chance to become a reality. A reality that was an irresistible Scottish man experienced in exactly what Maggie had been dreaming about.

Maggie’s boring workaholic life and focus on her obnoxious ex is grinding her down. A friend’s advice sends her to Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service 1 Night Stand. She hopes to find some fun, a date, and va-va-voom sex…not necessarily in that order. At least she will get out of her apartment for one hot night! Because, yes, she is just that desperate for a change, and there is that secret fantasy she’s been wanting to try out….
As Ian turns forty, his day job as writer of steamy erotica and night job as part-time Dom has him worried he will never have a “normal” relationship. With his particular kinky quirks, what woman would consider him husband material? Madame Eve is pretty good at her own job, are these two a match in a million or just a one night flash in the pan?

Author Bio:
Starla Kaye wears many hats professionally and as a writer. She is the community coordinator for a Midwestern accounting firm, a gerontologist who volunteers with an active group of senior adults, a mentor/teacher of writing, and a multi-published author. She dabbles in writing romances of many sub-genres: contemporary, historical Western, medieval, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and Regency. To date she has published 20 novels, 38 novellas, 8 anthologies, and 18 short stories. You can learn more about her work at

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