Monday, July 25, 2011

Book 1 of PRIDE OF THE MOON is here!

When the idea for Amber Moon first occurred to me it was while I watched an episode of ‘True Blood’ and drooled over know, the uber hot werewolf who needs to be naked 90% of the time. God bless the writers of True Blood. He even makes a beard look good.
Anyway, as I was lusting after him, I started to daydream about what kind of shifter I would want to be if I had a choice. Werewolves are cool, but didn’t seem to fit, too slobbery. I’d be a sensual and lethal werecat. Not just any random werecat, I’d be a weremountain lion, or as they’re known around my neck of the woods, a werepuma. Big cats that are as deadly as they are beautiful. 

Then I started to think about the dynamics of a pride, how human beings are social creatures and even if they did have the spirit of a puma, they would still want to live in groups or prides. We all want to be loved, and you can’t love and be loved if you’re alone. Beyond that, family is such an important thing to me, I could never imagine being happy without mine and the same goes for my shifters. The pride is their extended family and their mates the center of their universe.

Yep, I said mates. The shifters that I write about in my ‘Pride of the Moon’ series, of which Amber Moon is book one, revolve around the complex relationship between Alphas and their Betas. In the case of Amber Moon the story is about a Beta, Sabrina Wayne, looking for her perfect Alphas. Being bi-sexual is just part of who she is and holds no social stigmas in the shifter world. The story isn’t about her battling her attraction to women, it’s about her long struggle to find Alphas strong enough to dominate her.

D/s(Dominance and submission) is part of the stories through the entire ‘Prides of the Moon’ series. Now by D/s I don’t mean someone wears the leather pants and someone wears the ball gag, I mean that delicious power struggle that makes sex so fantastically exciting. That edge of danger and control that makes the big kitties purr.

I hope you enjoy Amber Moon. The next story, Emerald Moon, will be coming out sometime in August and it features characters introduced in Amber Moon. You can read a snippet from Amber Moon at my website as well as see the covers for my other 1Night Stand books.  

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  1. I love when I read about how writers get there ideas for there stories. Trust me when I say, I have gotten many of great inspirational shifter stories from watching Alcide run around naked on True Blood! LOL! Though, I feel he is naked more in the books, but seem to have this happy place for the book, and the show is just 'for fun' for me LMAO!

    I look forward to reading this series!

  2. This series sounds awesome!!Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  3. Alcide is...well, DAMN! Words escape me.