Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tempting a Cowboy ~ To Be or Not to Be

As an avid romance reader, author, and editor, I've come across many genres and have fallen in love with many aspects each genre provides. With contemporary romances, I love the real life elements incorporated and the ease of being able to relate to characters. With mystery and suspense, I love being on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next. With historicals, ball gowns and the English social hierarchy definitely has brought out my many fantasies, but of course, I'm not a historical romance writer even though I love reading them.  I wondered what would happen if I've ever met a Duke or Earl that would sweep me off my feet and make me fall madly in love with them. The whole idea of dressing up seems so much fun and meeting Prince Charming at a ball is a girl's dream come true…just like Cinderella.  

So I wondered…what girl wouldn't want to be someone else for one night? How about a masquerade with ball gowns and grown men in tights? 

It's a possibility, but Tempting A Cowboy is a little different.  

Almost a modern day Cinderella story, except Cinderella isn't as innocent as she should be...

In Tempting A Cowboy, librarian Mia Hunt is on a dare--a date set up by Madame Eve--to meet a cowboy, except her cowboy turns out to be someone she shouldn't even be seen with, much less have any involvement with. Her Prince Charming isn't the regular kind of guy. (Sorry, no tights, but he does look great in a pair of chaps!) 

All her life, Mia has lived under the ruling thumb of her older brother, and she's ready to live a little. Why not take advantage of this chance to do a little tempting? As Bo Peep for one night (She lost her sheep at the airport on the way to Vegas), Mia pushes her reservations aside and allows her fantasies to come to life.

And Shane…he started out as a pretty cool cowboy, until I handed him a computer at birth and decided he didn't want to work a ranch for a living like all the other McCormicks, but when temptation in strappy stilettos and hoop skirts cross his path, how can he resist? 

Mia and Shane both take this opportunity to be someone else for one night, until of course trouble appears the next morning…but surely the masquerade was worth attending, right?
I enjoyed writing their story and watching my characters unfold secrets I hadn't even realized until I reached the end. This story touched upon my desire to be someone else at times and to meet that special someone who may actually make a difference in my life…or actually fill that empty hole in my heart. But dreams keep me alive and motivate me to continue searching for that perfect story. 

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  1. Love me some Clarissa! Can't wait to read this one...

  2. Sounds like a fascinating read! Congrats on your release!

  3. I think that's why most of us read or write stories - the desire to be someone else for a while. Great post and great book!
    Off to that party now!

  4. Congratulations. Sounds like a fantastic story.

  5. Ooo - a hot cowboy, a party, and a dare. Sounds like the makings of trouble or at least a damned fine time. Congrats on the release, Ms. Clarissa!

  6. I love the 1NS series! Congrats Clarissa!
    Stephanie Beck

  7. Thank you for the chance to sounds like an awesome

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  9. You had me with "librarian". I'm a sucker for librarian stories of any kind! :) And a cowboy isn't too bad either! ;)