Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot flash. Where are the frickin' ice cubes?

Hot flash. Jeez, is there no Long Island Ice Tea in this joint? And where the H.E. double hockey sticks is the ice?


Morning! My name is Azura Ice. I write molten romances with ice. After all, you can only read so much molten romance without needing a few ice cubes or a cold shower to cool off, right?

What's with the hot flashes? Well, four super handsome, well-built Vyzani men—Judge, Rydder, Cavenno, and Staten—are the reason behind the super-intense temperatures. They're caring men, men who love to please their woman, a woman who earthlings would call a cougar. However, Judge loves older women, and so do the others. Why? Because women their age or younger just can't seem to keep up with their sexual needs.

Judge, however, is my favorite. He's tall, big (no that isn't what I'm talking about but he has a nice one of those, too) and he has beautiful, long feathery hair and dark, dreamy eyes.


Uh oh. Here comes another hot flash!

There's Judge crossing the Vyzanni's Castillo Resort now. *rubs hands together and straightens micro mini dress* Oh, baby! Come to mama!

Damn. He's talking to his new woman, Ellecia Lightmaiden. *grumps* I swear, give a woman a pair of vaporous, kickass wings and men fall all over her. And now Rydder, Cavenno, and Staten have joined them. *watches longingly as they walk inside* Hmm…wonder if they'd be willing to let an Earth woman join them? On second thought, they totally destroyed their hotel room the last time. I don't have their powers, so I think I'll skip on getting my ass scorched after all.

Seriously, though, I love writing sci-fi romance, and if you enjoy reading paranormal, steampunk, cyberpunk, and time travel romance, you'll not only enjoy reading Lace, Lightning, and Multiple Orgasms with Judge and his group, but you'll also enjoy my Crimson Bane Battles and the Sky Streamer Series written with my co-author, Maria MoonStar. I must warn you, however. Asbestos panties are a requirement when reading my books, and stock up on batteries for your vibrator if your partner isn't nearby.

Drop me a note at azura.ice@live.com and let me know what you think of LLAMO, or any of my other Decadent titles. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and you can visit me at http://ablueice.wordpress.com



  1. LOL Cute post! I shared it for you on FB. Hope it helps bring some traffic.


  2. Man, what a tease! Just enough tidbits to make the mouth water!

  3. You can thank Gracen Miller for me being here. :) I love the panties & batteries comment, lol.

  4. Good gosh, you're ornery! Hah! Story sounds awesome!

  5. Absolutely looking forward to meeting Judge. ;)

  6. I have never been a huge fan of sci fi but you might just have convinced me to give it a whirl! thanks!

  7. Love the post and your book sounds awesome! Must buy! I love scifi romance!

  8. Okay so want to know more and please don't mention hot flashes they suck so badd and it's not because of a man, I wish!

  9. Those hot flashes sure are better than the ones I get! Lucky gal :) xxx Gee, it's hard to keep up with all the 1NS books. They all sound fantastic!!

  10. ROFL!

    Every one of you ladies are totally awesome! I'm so happy you all got a giggle or two out of the post and that you're curious about LLAMO. It's dedicated to our own Valerie of Decadent Publishing. She says my brain frightens her, lolol.

    Also, thank you to those who re-posted the blog link!


  11. Lol, love it. They sound like my kind of men :)

  12. Four men for one woman? Ellecia, share Please, please! Azura, I love the blurb & the cover is sooo HAWT it sizzles 8D

    Mindy :)

  13. Well, ladies, we'll have to go to Vyzani and find us a few wonderful men.

  14. Vibrator is ready to go...bring it on!

    books4me67 at ymail.com

  15. LMAO! I hope they're Energizer Bunny batteries!