Thursday, October 13, 2011


My second 1NS Story is here, just in time for Halloween! I am a Halloween fanatic! I love everything about it, the gore, the ghoulish creatures, the spooky stories and scary costumes...As some may have already noticed, (Kate and Val lol) I’m drawn to writing more of the paranormal, so hopefully this blog provides some insight to my obsession.
I will admit it, I myself, have delved into the world of paranormal, which I hope, my own personal experience adds something extra to this story. To what extent of my involvement, (admittedly, I’ve done my share of ghost walks and paranormal investigations), I won’t elaborate, but when you read this book, you may get a sense of some of my more—hmmm—hidden talents, that I share with special people. My only regret for Samhain? It’s one night out of the entire year. The build up is awesome, but it quickly fades and then, we wait as the year slowly creeps by for another one to arrive. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to writing the paranormal characters and stories that congregate in my head, year round.

That being said, Savannah’s Ghost Tale doesn’t occur on Halloween night per se, but this paranormal romance does take place in the sultry, haunting and picturesque town of Savannah, Georgia. You will find yourself experiencing the looming and eerie aura of the cobblestone streets in the dark of night, led by our stunning and gifted hero. What can one say about Cameron Evans? Well, he’s smokin’ hot, charming and a little haunting I suppose. An eligible bachelor any lady would dream of landing with the striking good looks of a Greek God! (Adonis – big toothy grin) He would definitely win my vote! His penetrating azure eyes, his lush, curly blonde hair, his spectacular physique... is it getting hot in here?
Although I could go on, this magnificent creature has become burdened with the aftermath of his extraordinary talent—seeing, hearing and communicating with the dead. Personally, I find an intuitive man a turn on, but it would seem Cameron’s dates don’t. Most often, they end up running away—screaming—and not with bliss of any sort. If only the ghosts would wait until AFTER his dates to try and get their messages from the other side to their loved ones. His big brother has an idea to help him get past the first course and into the bedroom where his libido is dying to go—one night, with a match made by the gifted Madame Evangeline.
Vannah, is a head-strung, obstinate, obsessed woman, reeling from the death of her fiancé Mark, and a dark secret she carries with her. Her sister sees her three years of ghost hunting expeditions are not helping her move on from her grief, so she dares her younger sister to agree to one night of passion, in the hopes it will kick start her desire to start living again.
Their chemistry is instant, but will a medaling ghost interrupt their plans for the night? It would and find out! It will send shivers down your spine!
BLURB: Savannah’s Ghost Tale
Savannah Teale has an obsession with the supernatural—to disprove it. An unorthodox Ghost Hunter with a dark secret, she doesn’t believe in life after death. Not anymore. Being romantically challenged since the traumatic death of her fiancé, she has no interest in dating, but her sister’s loving interference has led her to accept a date for a 1Night Stand.

Cameron Evans is one of Savannah’s most handsome, charismatic, and sexy bachelors. He’s an exceptionally gifted tour guide, and a psychic, but hasn’t learned how to turn off his gifts. Since his conversations with the dead are a turn-off for most women—to put it mildly—Cameron has turned to Madame Eve to find a woman who can accept him for himself and all he has to give.

They may be a great match—if a certain, lingering ghost would just step out of the picture.

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  1. I. MUST. READ! And I'm not just saying that...a 1NS book? Ghost hunters? Heck yeah xxx Good luck with the new release, and I wish you fat royalty checks and fantastic reviews!

  2. As a Georgia girl I love reading books that take place in my state. I can't to read!

  3. Can't wait to read it!! I'm def. buying this one!

  4. I love ghost stories but I don't believe in the paranormal but it is fun to pertend and scaring people, hehe. The book sounds great, congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I LOVE ghost hunting but haven't read a book like this...sounds like an awesome read! I can't wait to see how the ghost meddles! Do you have plans for any other books with a ghost theme?

    books4me67 at

  6. Kali is having trouble posting comments on her own blog. Here's what she has to say:

    Hi all, it's Kali, Thank you everyone! JoAnne, Awesome trailer! JessE, I'd love to get your feedback about the Savannah streets and how you enjoyed the story! Dianealberts, ENJOY! & don't forget to let me know how you enjoyed it! chamblinh, pretend is fun, and SAFE! I hope you get some goosebumps and a great read! books4me, wait to you find out more about the ghost and his ghastly intrusions!
    Other books with a ghost theme? Well that would have to be a YES! lol I'll let you in a little secret... my next release this month: Damnation & Desire, there is a ghost, & a seance! Need I say more???? mwahahahahhaaahahhaaa! Happy Reading and good luck to all! Can't wait to find out who wins the free copy of Savannah's Ghost Tale!

  7. Kali made me want to get some tools and ghosthunt! After all, the only girls who do it on tv work for guys...I bet an all girl team would rock the cemetery...or the abandoned military hospital...or the big old house in the Colorado mountains...

  8. My husband grew up in a haunted house. He and his 6 siblings have very creepy stories and I even heard the ghost once, so I'm a believer, too. On the other hand, I am not one to chase ghosts or get too involved in trying to channel or conjure. I let the spirits find me. I figure if they want to communicate, they know where I am. I'm not hunting them down first! LOL

  9. So, Miss Val...we sholdn't order you a Team Girl Ghost Chasers shirt?

  10. Negatory.

    I mean, if you insist on buying me one, I'll wear it. But I'll be happy to monitor your chase inside a steel room strung with garlic and wooden crosses. And the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man to keep me company. Because I am afraid of ghosts.

  11. You can wait outside in our pink girly girl super Scoobie Doo Van.

  12. Wait. What? I never heard about a pink van. That changes everything. But I'm still bringing the garlic. And Mr. Puft, cuz he's all squishy and stuff.

    Kali, I hope you sell tons of spooky books!

  13. I have just discovered decadent publishing and as a result it's authors. I recently commented that even though there are plenty of paranormal stories being published, they are usually more toothy (ie. Vamps and weres) than ghostly. I am so glad to see a rare ghostly paranormal and can't wait to read it.