Monday, October 10, 2011

Win it Before You Can Buy it!

Congratulations to *Debbie*, winner of an ecopy of Ghost of a Chance
Thanks to everyone for your spooky tales!

Ghost of a Chance
Deena Remiel



Susannah’s married to her career. And she’s about ready for a divorce. Drowning in grief over the loss of her husband years ago, she initially immersed herself in a high-powered position at her marketing firm. But recently, she’s lost that loving feeling. Is she finally able to accept that her need for a man, for love in her life is stronger than her desire to bury it?

     Remy, once a high-profile building magnate, is a ghost of a man, literally. Cursed by a vengeful ex-wife he neglected, he’s relegated to shadows of his former world. She meant for him to spend the rest of his life without the chance of normalcy ever again, and he believed she succeeded. But could there be a way out?
     Susannah and Remy, two people ghosting through life, until they are brought together by a fateful One Night Stand. Both are seeking re-entry to the land of the living and loving. Can they fulfill each other’s deepest desires and learn what it means to live again?


  1. My husband and I live in my grandmother's house, which we bought not long after she passed away. Ten years ago after the birth of my twins I was crossing the hallway to give them their night feed when I was stopped dead in my tracks by the vision of my grandmother. She was exactly as I remember her and it was so incredibly real! I asked her what she was doing and she replied "I am here to help you my dear...."

  2. My ghost story... where to start??? I have lived in places were you could just feel presenses (sp?) and other places with full out Amittyville type haunting. That particular home was a NIGHTMARE!!! We had 3 paranormal teams come in and they refused to come back, we finally got out of it but we had things move, heard weird noises, we were even attacked. I could tell you lots more if your interested. I love the cover by the way :)


  3. I have a guardian.....his name is Ben. He comes to visit when I'm upset, if I'm sick, or just having a rough time. He came to me during a very tough time in my life, we had. Just moved into this house. I was 16. He has helped me through breakups, the death of my father, the loss of some very large parts of my life. I've felt him comfort me as he has sat beside me on my bed, he has tried to wipe my tears. He has been there for every heartache and im sure every joyous moment I can remember.

    Blazesandbubbles at gmail dot com

  4. My ghost story is short and to the point.. My oldest child father was killed. and I refused to file for benefits for her.. because i knew i would have a hard time with his new wife. So i dreamed i was walking in a park and i look over and see her father sitting on bench I'm dreaming but i remember he is dead. So i start to walk faster he catches up with me and i tell him he's dead and he says DUH. then tells me to file for benefits for my child even tho it was gonna be hard because he still wanted to take of his child even tho he wasnt with her anymore.. So I did.

  5. I have a ghost story. It wasn't much but one of those nights I won't forget. I was laying in bed one night trying to fall asleep. I felt someone caress the side of my face. It was quick but i believe It helped me fall asleep that night. And it was defently an experience I will not forget. I had a few encounters at my dads house. Even My dog hung around when she passed away. That's another story in itself.

    Terri m

  6. The house that my parents and I lived in years ago had an actual ghost in it and on many occasions any one of us late at night would see the female specter gliding through the house.
    Years later I had occasion to drive by the house and stopped to talk to the current, at that time owners. They confirmed the story themselves.

  7. Heres one of my many ghost sories but one that holds a place in my heart. My very good friend and neighbor Kelly died and left 2 beautiful daughter behind one 18 and one 8. Her oldest daughter used to complain all the time because she would leave a cabnet door open in the kitchen and her daughter would hit her head on it but Kelly was short enough to go under it. One day after she had died her daughter was upset and sad and came downstairs to find EVERY cabinet in the kitchen open. That started to happen whenever she needed her Mom. She would even make sure that they were closed and then come in and find them open. It happened alot for a long time and we all saw it, it always was a way of Kelly letting us know she was there.

    Can't wait to check out your book

  8. I don't know if I have the best ghost story but it is true. When I was about 12 I was visiting my aunt in Dayton, Oh. All of us kids was riding our bike up and down the sidewalk. I stopped for a moment and looked up in a neighbors window and this girl peeked out around the curtains. I was intrigued so I stared at her. When I realized her hair was basically floating and the only thing visible was her eyes, nose and mouth I slung the bike and went running. I was so hysterical my aunt literally slapped me like in the movies. I never went back down there again and even as an adult never looked up at that window when driving past.

  9. One evening I was alone in our haunted house. It was storming outside loudly. The power went out suddenly. My 3 year old daughter was asleep on the 3rd floor and I was sitting on the couch on the second floor. I grabbed my flash light/lantern which was close by because we often loss power when the weather was bad.
    Since there was nothing else to do I grabbed the nearest book and began to read, it wasn't easy because there wasn't much light. I had been reading about 20 minutes when suddenly I heard something move in the basement.
    My breath hitched and I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I was immediately stricken with terror. I then heard a foot step on the basement stairs, then a second one. There was only 11 stairs from basement to the floor I was on. With my heart beating a mile a minute and tears climbing to my eyes I raced to the other side of the room and grabbed the telephone.
    I called the police right away and stayed on the telephone with the emergency operator. She kept me a calm as she could and that was only so much. I was frozen in fear. I finally heard the police pulling up to the house. I told the operator and hung up with her. I stood where I was, so scared to move. I then noticed the cops were not even coming to the door but searching around the house outside. I whispered to myself "Get in the house" That's when I heard three more quick steps coming up the basement stairs. I screamed and ran to the door and opened it. I screamed out as I opened it because there was a cop standing right there about to knock.
    I told him what I had heard and he pulled out his gun and then his partner had done the same and they made their way to the basement.
    I heard them moving things around and calling out to my intruder. They had been down there about 20 minutes as I stood frozen to my place.
    Finally, they both came back and told me no one was there and there was no indication that someone was in my house.
    I about collapsed where I stood. One cop went and got me a glass of water while they other told me all they found was one set of footprints next to the basement window but they didn't lead anywhere. He said it was weird and left it at that. They got ready to leave telling me not to worry they would send a patrol car to watch the area. Just as I brought them to the door the cop asked me why I had all the lights off. I told him the power was out. He looked at me strangely and said it wasn't. Just then my power came back on. He laughed and said there must have been a jump in the breaker or something.
    I didn't sleep a wink that night and I never let go of the telephone at all. When my husband(ex now) got home and I told him everything with tears running down my face he patted my shoulder and told me it was all my imagination.
    It wasn't and I left him and that horrible house within 3 months. I could never go through something like that again.


  10. I've never considered myself a believer in such things. Odd, since my parents' house always seemed to have an extra resident. There's always been this quirk, this repeated experience family members occasionally admit to. It happens in the hall. And it's essentially as if someone casually walks from the bathroom to my parents' bedroom. Thing is, you never see it. The best thing I can equate it to is that cop from the Terminator. You know that liquid effect he has as he's morphing? Or it's like you're seeing something out of the corner of your eye, even though you're looking right at it. You can tell there's something there, but you don't SEE anything. But you know it's the height of a normal human. The size of a normal human. With the gate of a normal human. This has repeated over time. No drama. Just *something* crosses the hall. The one with no windows, no mirrors to reflect light. It's always been passed off as a trick of the eye. At least until a boyfriend of mine was sitting next to me on the couch during a visit. We were watching television until his attention was caught. He stiffened, stared down the hall, then looked at me, wide-eyed. All he said was, "What was..." before he suddenly decided he needed to sit on the other side of the room. First time an 'outsider' took note of our hallway occupant. The real freakout for me was when I temporarily moved home after the break up. As always happens with the thing in the hall, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Going up the steps. Toward my bedroom. My mind dismissed it fifty different ways until my dad's dog started growling, hair bristling. He acted like he was watching someone climb the stairs. Me, in a fit of sudden belief, and possible insanity, barreled up the stairs, stood my ground in the middle of my bedroom and yelled, "No! Not up here. I can't handle that. Just... stay in the damn hall, okay? Not in my room, though. Not ever!" Never saw the non-person again. At least not yet.

  11. *gait

    Sorry, if I don't correct that, I'll never sleep tonight :)

  12. This would be scary just to reminisce. When I was a teenager, we would go to this place called Old Finch. There was lady who was murdered during her birthday. One night, my friends and I (5 of us altogether) walked there (stupid? definitely!) Nothing happened at first and we were the only people there. You can't see anyone for miles and pitch black. Of course, we were giggling and laughing and as we turned back, we saw a guy on his bike. He was chasing us at full speed. I don't think I've ever ran that fast until that night. Well, to be honest, we all ran for our lives. He chased us at least 5 minutes. The scariest part?...he was trying to reach out to us just before he disappeared. I know I wasn't crazy. We all saw it.
    How can someone really disappeared when they were just inches of touching you?

  13. Back Story: We lived in a very "sacred" (scary) part of the island of Oahu. Legend says that King Kamehameha the first had his religious seer (a witch) perform human sacrifices on this particular piece of land called the KoleKole Pass. At the pass is KoleKole rock. The rock has a bowl-like depression on its top, with rivulets running down from it. the rock was used for smashing the heads of defeated chiefs in time of war, the rivulets carrying the blood away to the Gods.
    This land is now on an Army Base. The whole 25th ID was being deployed, (meaning all but 5% of troops were being sent to the middle east) which was not something that had ever happened before...There was so much turmoil and negativity stirring things up; and to make matters worse people calling on these spirits, getting things even more active. For a while things were quiet in our house. We were hearing stories about hauntings but didn’t believe them. Then we started having to replace lightbulbs on a weekly basis. My hubby was skeptical but I was starting to suspect something more than wiring. Then the “shadowman” would come and wake me up… Progressively getting more and more threatening, until I would wake up to find him directly over my body hovering. I was losing sleep, my little ones were saying dark men were in their rooms (and they had no idea what was going on), hubby still didn’t believe. Then one night, we were snuggled on the couch watching some TV when a giant heirloom china bowl flew off our fridge and hit the sliding glass door in the dining room a good 10 feet away. No one was in the kitchen, just hubs and I up, my little ones were tucked in bed sleeping. I looked at my husband and said now do you believe me??? Long story short we continued to be terrorized until we left island.

    M.D. Christie

  14. EEP is it safe to come out yet? Lots of spooky stories...I think I need a cushion to hide behind.

  15. I went on a Haunted Tour of Alton, IL and while we were in one of the churches that had been part of the underground railroad the bells in the church began ringing on their own and in the pictures there are several orbs

  16. You folks are giving me the willies!!! I'm going to have a hard time choosing tomorrow! :) Thanks for joining in the fun...

  17. Chris Bails was having trouble posting this here, so I said I'd give it a try. From the mind of Chris Bails...

    I did not have the experience myself, but it did happen in my house. My boyfriend, best friend, and our roommate all had the same experience. They all claimed to see a man-in a long trench coat, a black top hat, standing just looking at them. Tony my boyfriend has seen this man several times. He states that he just stands there and looks. He wears a black trench coat and black top hat. He says you can’t see his face, you just can tell he is a man. Our roommate stated that this man was standing at the end of his bed just looking at him. My best friend says she came over one day and saw someone standing in our front room and walked into that area and then she realised no one was there. I have never seen him myself, but me must not mean harm, because nothing bad has ever happend, no one has been hurt.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. Big fan of your books and would love to win and read this one.

  18. When I was younger and still to this day I have had 2 little girls following me. They are twin girls and love to play. At night I can always here them laughing. When I was younger, I didn't know what to think of them. They came to me in my dreams first as they felt safer that way. I had 4 other friends at time see them too. I still don't know their whole story but enjoy having them around.

  19. My dad has made many visits from beyond the grave (and so has my husband's mom and a baby I miscarried--before she reincarnated). Here's one from my Dad, though. The day after my father died, my mother and oldest sister were lying in my parents' bed. My oldest sister is psychic; my mother doesn't believe in this stuff. At one point, my dad appeared, standing at the bottom of the bed. He took my mother's ankle and pulled her leg up. Her leg actually came up off the bed and she began breathing shallowly and fast. (She'd later insist she was dreaming--but my sister saw the whole thing.) He pulled, wanting her to go with him. My sister said, "No, Dad. She can't come with you now. She'll follow you later." And he let go of her and left. Well, he didn't totally leave ever. Lots more visits, but my favorites were when he came to watch over his sleeping grandchildren. My son (who was born almost three years AFTER he died) told me once that Grandpa sat at the bottom of his bed at night. And occasionally, he'd tell me things my dad told him that my husband nor I had ever said. So, I know they had a relationship eve though he didn't know him on this side of the veil. Needless to say, I often have characters showing up from the great beyond to help characters to move on or whatever. I know we've gotten lots of advice/help from those on the other side. :)

  20. I have been having encounters in very public places like Walmar t and Truck Stops. Things are flying off shelves at me from places no on is at and Mi one recently passed. One time I was in Walmart and aluminum foil flew off a shelf at a 45 degree angle at me and there were 2 Walmart employees that witnessed it they were on one end and I on the other and no one passed for 5 minutes. Another time I was checking out at a truck stop when a lighter display on a closed register threw a lighter at me and then two more and finally the whole display flew at me. The cashier myself and two other customers ran out of the store. Tbecause the girl wouldn't go back in hat same night I was walking to an aisle and in front of me in an empty aisle the chips all jumped off the shelf the person behind me actually screamed and 3 employees saw it happen. I would like to claims insanity or exaggeration but there are witnesses and one police report in the case with the lighters

  21. Okay, y'all creeped me out! Ha ha! Awesome experiences shared here. I thank you so much! A winner will be picked shortly! Yay!

  22. Congratulations to Debbie! You won the free eBook! Enjoy! ANd thanks to all for a wonderful sharing of creepy and heartwarming ghostly stories. :)