Monday, October 3, 2011

Trail of Hearts

What do you get if you take a sophisticated city woman and a girl who likes to ride the open range? A romance that can only take place in the lovely Sierra Mountains north of Reno, Nevada. There aren’t many places I love more, than the High Sierras and my husband and I love to travel over Highway 395 at any season to get there, but the fall is particularly lovely.
These women, from completely different backgrounds, touched my heart. Both strong, both willing to do whatever it takes to be independent, they’ve had to do it alone so far. I think sometimes we all feel that way, right? We’ve had to work hard and the backup isn’t there? I looked around recently and realized that my husband, though he has his cranky, grouchy…did I say cranky?…moments, absolutely has my back when it counts. He’s been there for me through some great and awful times and I never have to take a fall all alone. If he isn’t right there to catch me, he’s sure there right after to pick me up and dust me off…and give me a hug.
Charlotte and Birdie from Trail of Hearts have never had that. They’ve had to work darn hard to survive and even thrive and I got the feeling they never even thought it could be different. Sometimes being a strong woman is a lonely job.
So…a dude ranch, even one run by the Castillo family, may not be what Miss Charlotte expects, but for her, and for Birdie, displaced cattle rancher…it may be more than they ever dreamed of.
I hope you’ll enjoy Trail of Hearts. We’re giving a copy away to a commenter on this blog, so say hello and maybe you’ll win!
You can find Trail of Hearts here .
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  1. First-Love the names of your ladies.
    Second-Love the cover and title.
    Third-Sounds like another AMAZING Kate Richards story.
    Fourth-Adore you always, lady!

    Stephanie Beck

  2. Congrats on your release! This really is another great book by you and another awesome 1NS story.

  3. I just brought this one... and I'm dying to dive straight in to read it. The cover is so wistful and romantic! I can't wait to discover the characters and story behind it :)