Monday, December 26, 2011

On the Right Track

On the Right Track, my first 1NS story, was inspired by my near disaster in snow. First thing you need to know is that England does not cope well with snow. It always seems to take us by surprise and the moment it begins to settle, chaos erupts. I was working sixty miles away from where I lived and I could see the snow falling thicker and thicker outside. Eventually, my boss realized we’d all get stranded and told us to leave. My home was on the other side of the Pennines – a spine of hills that runs down part of the middle of the country.

I managed to get to the motorway which was a miracle in itself but to find a major road was already snow covered with not a plough in sight was disturbing. I followed the tracks of other vehicles and we all slowly made our way across the rolling moorland. My hands were gripping the wheel so tight they were clear.

I skidded. My car suddenly fishtailed and despite the fact that I knew what to do, in those few moments my brain went blank. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone or anything and found myself back in the tracks again, sobbing, and eventually I made it home where I started sobbing again. A journey of 80 minutes took four hours. Husband was also stuck and his normal journey of 50 minutes took nine hours. Told you we don’t do well in snow!

In my story, Hollie isn’t so lucky.  Or maybe she is?

Always driving through life along the straight and narrow, Hollie wants a break from staying within the lines. She hopes a hookup at 1Night Stand with a tall fair-haired guy who’s organized and sensible, likes small-breasted brunettes, and can deal with any crisis life throws at him, will jar her from the mundane path she’s been on.

Except what seemed like the perfect plan when she set off, turns into the worst idea ever as the snow falls thickly. Slipping and sliding, her arms numb from clenching the wheel, she becomes frantic to avoid what’s looming in front of her.

Dark-haired Nick is on his way to a party with hopes of connecting with a busty blonde—assuming he’s even on the right road and can dig himself out of a heap of snow before he freezes solid. Too bad he never plans ahead, no coat and no shovel in the car, and soon he won’t even see a road at all, let alone any vehicle barrelling down it.

When two hearts get lost in a snowstorm of what they think they want, can Madame Eve's magic put them back on the right track?

One commentator will win a copy of my 1NS story – available on the 23rd December.
Happy Holidays!


  1. Already have my copy, and with the weather we've had lately, this seems like the perfect holiday read. Thanks for another great story. :)

  2. I love how incidents in your life work their way into your stories, each one unique and such fun, Barb. On The Right Track is a sizzling story with a twisty plot that I cant wait to jump into again. Another exceptional release of yours--what better way to wrap this year!! Congrats.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, guys! I feel so ill today - it was a lovely boost to see your comments!Damn flu! Damn husband giving it me!

  4. We do snow a little better here in Canada, but the first snowfall of the season always leads to many accidents and a rush to get the snow tires on.

    On The Right Track sounds like a hot read! All the best! :)

  5. This is definitely intriguing makes me think of the old adage of opposites attracting.I will definitely be looking this one up. (Sorry to hear about your wild ride in the snow. A born Iowan, I'm used to dealing with lots and lots of snow every winter.)


  6. Yikes! I'm so glad we don't have snow where I live in New Zealand. It snowed a couple of times when we lived in London. Luckily we lived on the job so we didn't need to commute. Still, your experience led to a book. That's gotta be a positive :)

  7. That's what we need, Jessica - snow tyres - we don't do them in the UK
    Dakota - I do love snow but - not too much of it - unless I'm skiing - but then of course - there's not enough.
    Shelley - sounds like you have earthquakes instead - hope all your family are safe!
    Thanks for commentating!

  8. In Virginia we have snow in the mountains but not so much where I live near the coast. But I've driven in a snowstorm where the windshield looked like I was going into warp speed. I do sympathize with that wild ride! But like Shelly said, you got a book out of it, that's to the plus side! Snow is both romantic and magical--sounds just like your story. :)

  9. Thanks, Jenna! Yep I agree, snow is romantic and magical, especially when I'm looking at it through the window - and not a car window!!

  10. This book sounds great - can't wait to read it!

  11. love your stories,and the 1NS series. can't wait.

    Snow can be fun but also bad I do not like to drive on ice. Hope you have a great new year.

  12. On the Right Track sounds wonderful! I love snowy weather romances. Looking forward to reading this one.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  13. Thanks, Rougebolo and Barbara - hey- another one with my name! I love reading snowy romances too. I've written two but I feel another coming on....