Friday, December 23, 2011

Who is your Prince Charming?

by Clarissa Yip

Every little girl at one point in their life has dreamt of Prince Charming coming to the rescue! Galloping in on a white horse (Okay, maybe black…) with a billowing white shirt, calf-hugging boots, and tights that would mold the perfect— There’s no kids hanging around here, right?
An old time favorite of mine has always been Cinderella and Snow White. When times get tough, that brave man will swoop into your life and save you from the evil villain and carry you off to that magnificent castle and you’ll live happily ever after!

Well…in Sarah Westfall’s case…Prince Charming didn’t turn out so Prince Charming-ey. With the need for adventure, Sarah runs off to Vegas with her two girlfriends Brenda and Mia (Tempting a Cowboy) geared for the night of her life with a Prince Charming since they were all meeting their dates at a masquerade. Think modern times, not the whole normal white ball gown and fancy men in tights exactly. Sarah’s been crushing on Evan for life, and now she’s ready to move on, but fate has it that Evan turns out to be her date. What were the chances?
He’s never known she existed. Practically treats her like a little sister since Sarah is his sister’s best friend, and believes that Sarah is off-limits anyway. Career-driven and determined to take his enemy down, Evan just isn’t Prince Charming material…or is he?
Guess you’ll have to see!

Who is your Prince Charming? Does he have any flaws or is he as perfect as sin? (If you have the perfect man, please let us know if he has any kin…)

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Tempting a Prince
Sarah Westfall is on a mission. Living the mundane life of a near spinster school teacher and sick of her parents throwing eligible men at her, she is determined to get over her crush on her best friend’s brother. She wants a prince and wouldn’t settle for less. What better way than a 1Night Stand?

Evan Hunt needs to figure out his enemy’s game plan. Chasing his nemesis to Las Vegas and signing up for Madame Eve’s service and masquerade, he never expected the woman he’s desired for years to appear before him…as his princess.

When their attraction fires the night, the inevitable happens. Her prince isn’t as charming as she’s hoped, but he does save her from trouble. Would he be willing to fulfill her fantasies also?

Ryder nudged Evan in the arm. “Yo.”
“What?” He couldn’t keep the annoyance out of his tone. He’d searched the room and no McCormick. Was this a joke? Had his informant lied to him?
“Think I spot your date.”
Evan turned to where Ryder pointed. His breath hitched at the sight before him. No more than twenty feet away, his princess stood with her back turned. Her shimmery white gown hugged her loving curves like a glove. The chandelier above formed a golden hue around her lush figure. Her smooth, milky skin glowed in the light, and his mouth watered as his gaze trailed from the bottom up to her slim hips to the bare expanse of her back. He took in the thick blonde curls on top of her head and the sparkle of her crown. Definitely his princess.
Heat rushed through him. Desire struck, blood pooled in his groin.
“You lucky bastard. My date better be as hot as her.”
He barely heard Ryder. All thoughts flew out of his mind. He couldn’t draw his attention from the woman. His feet involuntarily moved forward. His pulse sped as he got closer. When he stood right behind her, he studied her closely. She looked out into the crowd as if searching for someone. He noted the smoothness of her skin, the delicate curve of her earlobe, the gracefulness of her neck. His fingers itched to touch her. He smelled peaches and drew in a deeper breath, her perfume permeating his senses. An alarm sounded in his head. Something familiar about her, but he couldn’t pin it down. He didn’t care. One thing was for sure: he wanted her.
His date whipped around. Her mouth fell open and her violet eyes widened in shock.
Recognition struck like a fist pummeling his chest.
“Sarah?” His voice actually squeaked.


  1. Congrats on your release!

    My Prince Charming is my husband. :) He has siblings, but they don't have the same personality as him.

    All the best!

  2. Congrats on your new release. My Prince Charming? Hmm - It would have to be one of the heroes from any of my stories. Imperfect but gorgeous!

  3. I'm with Barbara, my hero is from one of my stories. Jackson Castillo in the 1Night Stand series was fun to write because he's my quintessential hero!

  4. Of course, if my husband happens to read this, I didn't mean it! But it's hard to find a guy who's coughing and spluttering and sneezing and whining about how ill he is - as any sort of prince Charming.
    Ah darn it - done it again.
    You're really charming, husband of mine. Especially if I get a present that you didn't buy from that cheap outlet store!

  5. Oh Barbara! When asked a question like this, the husband is automatically excluded because we know they're the real hero. But if you want to list the hero that doesn't exist except in your head, then it's fair game.

    My "hero" woke me up before dawn to let the cat out and then came back to bed and snored. I laid there for about a half hour before I gave up and decided to get up. But even in my sleep-deprived state, he's still my hero.