Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love 1Night Stand!

by Ashlynn Monroe

I’m an avid reader; every author usual starts out as a book-a-holic. I am still in love with reading, but as my time become more precious each year, I don’t have as many hours to devote to walking in other people’s imaginations. 1Night Stand is the perfect solution to my problem. The stories are quick but oh—oh—oh so satisfying. I’m going to tell you about a few others’s I’ve loved and mine. I’ll start out bragging, I’m so proud to be part of this great series. My book title is Back in the Saddle.

All Jesa wants is peace from her father and aunt meddling in her life. When she decides to use 1Night  Stand to find a date, she never imagines she’d be matched with the very type of man she’s trying to avoid.

David is a werewolf. As the oldest male in his family he must battle the inner violence that his wolf begs him to unleash. His sister’s meddling leads him and Jesa to a meeting that will rock their worlds, bringing them an emotional connection and ecstasy neither expected.

I’ve also personally enjoy Broken by Diane Alberts. Other books from this series I’d recommend as a reader, not just a writer, A Taste of Humanity by Sheila Stewart, The Virgin and the Playboy by Kate Richards, Panties Optional by Stephanie Beck, Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject, and Forever Bound by Stacey Kennedy! The whole series is great but these are some of my personal favorites!

There are so many awesome choices at Decadent Publishing. Here’s an excerpt from my book.

I never thought I’d be in Montana of all places when 1Night Stand matched me. Jesa stood at the entrance to the restaurant feeling ill.
In front of the cute, open-air cafe, she took a deep breath, ready to face her date.
“I'm here to meet Mr. Jenson.”
“Follow me, miss.”
She sat down at the empty table the host indicated, looked at her watch, and scowled. Early as usual, oh goody. I wish I hadn’t hurried. More time to be nervous and second-guess my choice.
She fidgeted with the napkin and utensils, wishing her date would arrive. Should I just get up and leave? Her thoughts were distracted as a tall, gorgeous, young blonde woman sat down. What’s going on? Where is David Jenson? Kinky didn’t appeal to her, so whatever. I’ve never even had sex.
Before a word of protest escaped her lips, a handsome waiter appeared. The blonde glanced up and smiled. “I'll have a glass of iced tea and the Cobb salad. What would you like?”

She knows my name. Not fair, I've no clue who she is.
“I'll take the same.” Interest in how things would play out kept her in her seat.
When the waiter left, Blondie spoke again. “I'm sure you want to know where your date is. I'm his sister, Madelyn.”
Eww, sister, I’m not into that kind of thing.
“Don't worry.” The woman laughed.
Do I seem that scared?
“I'm here because I adore my brother, and I want to make sure they’ve sent the right girl.”
I’m doing a unique give away today. Everyone who emails a physical address to will receive a fun envelope of physical swap. I’d love for you to leave a comment too. Thanks for reading about my book and this fantastic series!


  1. I can't wait to this! I'm obsessed with this series. I have 43 1NS on my Kindle!

    I have a title and outline to write one myself!

  2. I recently discovered 1NS and love it. I don't have many yet...yet. With summer break coming for me in a few days, I will be doing lots of catching up on my reading. I can't wait. Thanks for the snippet!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. I want this! It's going on my wish list. I read my first 1NS a few weeks ago.
    musicalfrog at

  4. I bought it!!! Can't wait to read it!

  5. Hi Ashlynn,
    thank you for the chance at such a great contest. i love the cover, it kind of reminds me of home, i grew up in Woming/Montana and it has that western-rocky mountain feel about it.

    did you design the cover youself?have alot of say in how it would look? i know that some authors have little to no say in how their book will look. (sad but true).

    tammy ramey

  6. I didn't design the cover, but I was able to give input and the artist was kind enough to tweak a few things for me. I love that Decadent allows us to have a say on the finished product.

  7. Thank you so much Tamaria!! **hugs**

  8. Thanks Patti and Mel I hope you enjoy the book!

  9. I agree I love the 1Night Stand stories also. I love short stories, because it gives me a chance to check out and find new authors. You are a new author for me, but loved the excerpt and will definately be adding to my must read list.