Friday, April 13, 2012

The Seductive Lure of Vampires

By Cara Bristol

I’d read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, but never gave much thought to vampires until Moonlight appeared on television.

Alex O’Loughlin played Mick St. John, a vampire who worked nights (for obvious reasons) as a private investigator. He’d made it his mission to protect Internet news reporter Beth Turner, played by Sophia Myles. They had chemistry up the yin yang.


Something about Mick’s power (super strength, exceptional speed, immortality) combined with his vulnerability (his angst at having been turned, his need to feed and his near-miss encounters with death) grabbed me by the throat and hooked me. I never missed an episode. It was a sad, sad day when CBS cancelled the show.

For me, a vampire hero embodies the same traits that make a contemporary or paranormal hero appealing: a strong alpha male who has a soft spot. The contrast of strength with weakness seduces me every time.

Once I got hooked on vampires, I started reading other paranormal books. I prefer paranormals in which the characters are more humanlike such as vampires or psychics to non-humans such as elves, fairies, extra-terrestrials or shape-shifters.

It was only matter of time before I was compelled to write my own vampire romance – A Scent of Longing, a 1Night Stand story released today. The heroine, Lily Dansen, longs for everything “normal” that she lost when she was betrayed and turned by a vampire lover. Luc Fortier yearns for the life mate he’ll never have because he’s a shunned vampire Half Breed. Neither one imagines that a 1Night Stand date could lead to anything more than a single night of passion.

Here’s the scene when Lily and Luc first meet:

 “Let me help you with that.” His voice reminded her of dark chocolate—rich and smooth, with an underlying bite.

She stared, mesmerized into immobility by his seductive tone and aquamarine eyes that matched her pendant. Short, thick hair, as stark as a moonless night, swept back from his forehead. He wasn’t a pretty man, or even a handsome one; life had hewn the angles of his face roughly, almost brutally, but he exuded an indefinable allure. Stubble fashionably darkened his square jaw, although she had a hunch he followed no fad—nor any man’s dictates.

Despite her high heels, his height forced her to tilt her head back to look at him, a circumstance that made her feel both overpowered and protected. Lily swallowed. “I’m sorry…for screaming.”

“No, it’s my fault. I startled you. I should have made my presence known the moment you walked in. I’m Luc, by the way.”


“Chéri.” He pronounced her name with a French accent, although he sounded American. She rather liked how her fake name sounded on his lips, but wished she could hear him utter her real one.

 “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” His bittersweet voice stroked her like a rough caress.

“It’s nice to meet you, too.” Nice? Perhaps in a dizzying, room-spinning way.

He took her hand in his. Like velvet over steel, beneath the gentleness lay a bone-crushing strength. Luc did not seem feverishly hot the way other humans did to her now. She, however, did feel flushed—could vampires blush?

Her temperature spiked when he brushed his lips over her skin, and she could have sworn he’d licked her, though she immediately dashed the notion as silly. But, no man had ever kissed her hand, and her heart fluttered.

I’d like to know what you like about vampires. Tell me what you like to see in a vampire romance, I’ll pick my favorite comment and Decadent Publishing will award the winner a free ebook copy of A Scent of Longing. Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted!


  1. in 1979 i saw my first "horror" movie,Dracula.
    it starred Frank Langella and was one of the most amazing acting jobs i had seen up to that point. i immeadiately ran to the library and got the book and i have been a die hard vampire fan ever since. each time a new version comes out i go see it and all though there have been some good ones i still think that Frank Langella is the best Dracula ever. (sorry about the fan girl moment.) :D

    tammy ramey

  2. Happy Release Day, Cara! :)

    Looking forward to reading A Scent of Longing!

  3. What's *not* to like? They're dangerous, immortal and can do things we can't. They also usually sexy!! I love writing them, reading them and watching films and TV with them in.

    Favourite literary vamp is Lestat, and favourite TV/film vamp is a toss up between Damon Salvatore and Eric Northman ;)

    lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk

  4. There are so many famous vamps to choose from, aren't there? Thank you Tammy, Lucy & Jessica!

  5. Cara,

    Congrats on your release! Just finished "A Scent of Longing" Great story! I'm sucker for the original Dracula but contemporary favorite is Spike from Buffy.

  6. Wow, VS, thank you. That was a quick read!

  7. I really like the original Dracula but also Angel. They're immortal and I'm sure have lots of stamina. Can't wait to read this book. Congrats on the new release.

    Joanne B

  8. You had me at Moonlight. I loved that show, too and was pissed when they cancelled it. My favorite vamp is Angel. He's tormented, totally in love with Buffy (at first) and he's really a great guy. I never missed an episode of Angel and was sad to see it go, too.


  9. I am in love with John Matthew. He's deaf, a badass, and hot as hell. Thank you J.R. Ward for giving my dreamy vamp. :)

  10. Thank you everybody for dropping by and commenting. Congratulations to Tammy Ramey who won a copy of A Scent of Longing.