Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sinful Twists

by Mary Quast

I don’t do things normally; I always add a twist.  As a teen my music was eclectic and my sister referred to me as her Twisted Sister.  As professional Scientific Illustrator, my drawings of bones would often have a sensual aura.  When I cook, I like to add a unique spice to liven the taste buds.  Give me a glass of water with a twist of lemon.

When I began writing, I strived to throw a twist of something into each story.  I admit to being excited when I do some serious damage to my characters; but they always pull through and are stronger because of it.

Being an erotic writing virgin, I apprehensively sat down to a blank computer screen to write my first BDSM story for 1Night Stand. Rather than jumping into the waters, I waded in slowly doing research and talking to people involved in the BDSM lifestyle. From my own cautions curiosity, my characters were developed. A Las Vegas Cop would be the Domme, the sub would be a lawyer from the East Coast. 

Nothing really twisted or exciting there.

So…… I made the lady  cop with a dominant disposition actually test her sexuality during a 1Night Stand with a sub who was questioning whether he wanted to continue in this lifestyle.  Let’s throw in some silk scarves, cold handcuffs and other delightful sex toys while the handsome sub becomes the teacher.
Still…. a very “normal” story.
The twist…a little game with a dare.

She kissed him as she unlocked the cuffs holding his wrists to the headboard. “Roll over.”

Without a word, he did as she commanded. She’d retrieved his set of ankle cuffs and interlaced them through the cuffs at his wrists.

Hog-tied and at her mercy.

“Hunter.” Her breath caressed his ear as she whispered, “I’ve put the key to the cuffs in a glass of ice. Once the ice melts, you can set yourself free. If you free yourself within an hour, you can perform any sex act on me you wish. If you can’t break yourself free, I expect you to perform any sex act I wish. Until then, you are my prisoner and will do as I say.”

After some wonderful sex play, comes the twist. Wait for it…. wait for it…Ka-bam! They exchange roles and set each other on fire! 

“I win.” His deep voice wrapped seductively around her entire body.

Steph couldn’t move or take her eyes off him. His six foot-plus frame towered; desire and lust flashed in his eyes. His strong arms reached out and enveloped her, only to gently lay her upon the bed. Without a word, he lifted each leg, kissing and licking her skin while slowly removing each of her boots.

She shuddered. “What are you going to do?”

“Make you feel like you’ve never felt before.” He crawled across her.

Adding a twist can help you experience things you normally wouldn’t do.  It could be as simple as adding a new seasoning to your steak or more fun such as eating a steak dinner with  your honey in lingerie. 

Would you ever add a little sinful twist to your life?  If so… tell me about it.

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Romance author and Artist Mary Quast lives in a log home affectionately named "Camp Run-A-Muk" located in the woods of Michigan with her husband, three sons, and a collection of animal family members.

As a professional artist, Mary Quast answered the call to express herself creatively. With her descriptive writing style, she has developed a knack for creating passionate characters and realistic settings. These features are prominent in her published novels of the "Soul Series".

When she’s not busy writing contemporary romance novels, novelettes, and short stories, Mary doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes” where her Thursday Thirteen lists have earned the nickname of “Dr. Ruth of the Blog World”. She also can be found lecturing college classes on the importance of Journal writing.

Visit Mary's website or her blog, Romantic Interludes


  1. I love the name of your home!! We inherited the name -Woodstock - for ours. I suspect the former owners were hippies!
    Congrats on the book.

  2. LOL Sometimes we even pup the tent so the kids can camp-out. Thanks. I'll have another book in 1NS coming in June.

  3. We still have the tent set up in the backyard for the kids just in case, but they seem to use it less and less now. We, on the other hand, use it more and more. Sometimes you have to take privacy where you can get it.
    This book sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read it.


  4. Sounds yummy Mary, congrats on the release and welcome to the world of naughty writing! (but beware, it can become highly addictive!)