Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Vampires Don’t like to Suck!

by Stephanie Williams 

A few days ago, my hubby was looking at one of my books. I’ve written so many that he kinda forgotten about this particular one. So being the supportive husband that he is, he read it.
After about thirty minutes, (this was a short), he asked me an interesting question.
“Why was your Vampire hesitant to bite and drink blood from the heroine? All the Vamp stories I’ve seen they all can’t wait to suck on someone’s neck.”
This was a legitimate questions and I have a great answer for that.


Granted, we all know that vampires have to drink blood in order to live, be reborn, whatever. However, I like my vamps to have a little hesitation. Not be so eager to clamp the chompers on someone. Maybe think about the other person’s feelings.
The story my hubby was referring to was, Love, Transylvania Style. It’s part of the very successful Decadent 1Night Stand series. This isn’t my first Vamp story, I have another one with another publisher, but the M.O. is still the same.

I’ve read a lot of paranormal books with vamps, and even thought I do enjoy them, the Vamps are moody, dark, scary and a bit selfish.
I like my Vamps to be humorous, somewhat sarcastic and maybe a little cynical. But above all, compassionate and thoughtful.
This means that the first nice neck they see, they don’t want to sink their teeth into it.
Thaddeus, my Vamp, in this story, desperately wants a mate. But he hates the ideas of sucking their blood, even though he knows he must, if he wants his chosen mate to be with him for an eternity.
Ironically, the heroine, Donna, is kinda cool with the idea. Now, she’s not jumping up and down and pointing to her neck with hot sauce on it; but she pretty much knows what she’s getting into, if she wants Thaddeus to be her man.
Thaddeus is my favorite Vamp. He’s romantic, (he brings candy and flowers for the date). He’s sexy as all get out. I mean the man gives Donna a sample of his sexual prowess, without touching her!

Ask your man to try that little trick!

But more importantly, he’s considerate. He doesn’t trap her in an alley and bite her. He doesn’t hypnotize her, or trick her in anyway. In fact, he sits her down and explains everything to her. His past, what becoming a vampire involves. In other words, he tries to give her an out.
Pretty damn noble I think. Hey, he’s the OV (Original Vampire), actually from Transylvania. He could have pulled all sorts of tricks out of his bag.
But no. Donna’s need to understand fully their situation was more important that making her his forever. He’s even willing to sacrifice his own happiness for her.
Does he in the end?

Well you just have to read the book to find out! LOL!

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  1. Wow Steph you're so right. I love this concept. Great post. Are you planning on any more vamps in this vein. lol

  2. Thanks LaVerne. I think so. I like my Vamps funny, not brooding and feeling sorry for themselves. LOL!

  3. I tell you want I don't like - them making a mess. How come they spurt blood everywhere! We see two neat holes and yet they pull back smothered in the red stuff - well on TV anyway. I like my vamps to have manners and yes, to be funny too!!

    1. Yes, Barabara, I hear ya! And some sense of decorum is always sexy. LOL!