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Fairy Casanova

by Gracen Miller
Every woman needs a Fairy Casanova…and I’m not talking about the rakish type of Casanova, but the one that gives mind-blowing pleasure because he gets satisfaction from your bliss. But how many of us really think of fairies as sexual creatures? Or even attribute them with sexy qualities? Typically when I think of fairies, I think of mystical, otherworldly females, almost always they are diminutive, while some are sweet and helpful and others are mischievous firebrands.

When you hear the word fairy, do you think of small, ethereal creatures—like Tinkerbell?—that fly about like a hummingbird? Do you imagine them so small they recline on tulips or other flowers? Are they mischief makers, helpers or a mixture of the two? And they almost always have wings, right? And do you ever think of them in a sexual way?

Wikipedia states that while current society illustrates them as winged, radiant creatures, they were originally portrayed much differently from our modern day ideology. One concept, they are tall, angelic creatures with a radiant disposition. Hmm…that could definitely fit my Fairy Casanova storyline. A second concept depicts them as diminutive, wrinkled troll-like beings. Yeah, so totally not sexy. The idea of wings came about in Victorian era artwork, but interestingly, in the original folklore, wings were rare. Instead, fairies flew with magic or on stems of ragwort or birds. This is a much different ideology than what I envision. How about you?

Folk beliefs identified fairies as:

1. Dead. Fairies were ghosts. Hmm…I cannot see myself being scared of a fairy ghost, but that’s probably because I visualize them as little people wearing wings! LOL
2. Demoted angels. Hmm…interesting, but this belief isn’t talking about fallen angels. Rather, angels that were caught between heaven and hell when God locked the doors to heaven. Well, that doesn’t seem fair! Another notion is that they weren’t bad enough for Hell and weren’t good enough for heaven. Wonders if this is similar to a purgatory concept…hmmm?
3. Demons. There sure is a lot of God folklore associated with fairies.
4. Babies Laugh. I love this idea! In a story about Peter Pan, author J.M. Barrie of The Little White Bird, said, “When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies.”

There are more beliefs and legends on fairies, but I’ll let you read about them on your own at if you’re interested. 

In my short erotic romance e-book, Fairy Casanova—part of Decadent Publishing’s 1NightStand series—a very human woman discovers she has scheduled a one-night stand with a very real fairy. Would you believe someone without proof if they told you they were a fairy? I sure wouldn’t and…well, here’s how the heroine takes the news. While you’re reading it, think how you would react: 

“I’m going to peel your garment from your body, slowly”—she groaned again at the vivid imagery—”and taste every inch of your human flesh.” 
Human flesh? 
She froze against his body. What a strange thing to say. 
Sadie leaned back to stare at him. “You don’t think you’re…human?” She hesitated uttering the word human for fear of his answer. 
“I’m not human.” 
The response she’d feared receiving. 
“Madame Evangeline didn’t impart I’m a fairy?” 
She blinked, tried to process the information, and failed. “Mmhmm…a fairy?” Her stomach pitched to the floor. “Really? Wow.” Finally, she understood how her request had come into play. She’d checked off otherworldly, not expecting much more than someone who believed in aliens or something equally eccentric. But a sexy fairy, ready to be her one-night stand…He didn’t really expect her to believe that, did he? She lived and breathed balderdash in the courtroom, and she could sniff out lies better than a hound dog could sniff out quarry. “You’re a fairy? Give me a break.” 
“It’s true.” 
Sadie glared at him, any amusement she might have felt shifting straight into irritation. “How fantastic for you.” And horrifying for me! 
Jace grinned, exposing straight white teeth, and he went from gorgeous to pussy-throbbing—forget heart-throbbing. He affected the lower region of her anatomy far too much for the latter description. Maybe she shouldn’t let it bother her that he was crazy. If he kept talking that fairy business, he’d end up in a nuthouse—assuming he wasn’t an escapee already. 
“I can prove it.” 
“How? You going to morph into a tiny fairy with gossamer wings?” 
He laughed, and the rich timbre of the sound washed over her sensitized skin like a deep-body massage. Nut job or not, she couldn’t deny his lethal pheromones. 
“Not exactly.” 
He released her, and Sadie instantly felt lonely, and suddenly cold, outside of his embrace. Jace took a couple of steps backward and tugged his shirt out of his jeans. As his fingers went to the first button on his shirt, she realized she still held the glass of whiskey. No longer wanting the liquid fortitude, she placed it on the bar, watching him. His gaze roamed along her figure as he freed the buttons, exposing a little more skin with each release. 
Her eyes were drawn to his dark nipples and a smattering of hair in the middle of his chest, a shade lighter than the hair on his head. The final button gave free, uncovering a dark trail of hair below his belly-button that dipped into his jeans. A path to guide her exploration. Very nice. 
“Brace yourself.” 
Sadie swallowed hard and tore her gaze from his chest as he rubbed his hands together. The sparkle in his honey eyes held hers hostage. 
“This is where it gets unusual and otherworldly.” Jace winked, and her mouth dropped open in a silent, shocked breath. Not because he stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside—even though the baring of his chest certainly rendered her with a prolonged case of mute-itis—but because he knew two of her four one-nighter requirements. His toned abdomen rippled with defined strength, and his arms sported muscular definition. “I don’t give a shit about your Uncle Sam. And I’m not married.” 
“Madame Evangeline let you see my requests?”Well, duh! So much for demonstrating her natural talent to bullshit her way through any situation, a flair which normally aided her well in the courtroom. 
“She texted them.” 
“What’d you ask for?” 
“I asked for someone open-minded and willing to embrace the paranormal.” 
Riiiiight. She’d never been accused of being a paranormal embracer. Scary movies made her cry. The first page of a horror book sequestered her beneath the covers, praying nothing limped out of her closet or crawled from underneath her bed. She flat out did not do “paranormal”. As for “open-minded”…Ha! She was an attorney, which pretty much explained everything. 
Something wispy and diaphanous rose from behind him, curled outward like a long roll of parchment—or tinfoil—but much more striking than either. 
A deep shade of red tipped and interlaced throughout with black to create random diamond-shaped designs on gossamer wings? 
“My God…” Sadie’s voice trailed off as she stared in wonder, forgetting she’d thought him crazy moments before. They were beautifully constructed, and when he presented his back to her, she realized they were almost as tall as he was. Dangling from the base of each wing were fat, blood-red droplets at least an inch in circumference, almost grazing the carpeted floor. Compelled to touch his wings, she stroked one and then the other. Gauzy soft, they felt paper thin as they shimmied beneath her hands. “How do you keep from ripping them?” 
“They’re sturdier than they look.” He peeked over his shoulder. “Believe me now, Sadie?”

Jace wasn’t crafted to fit any of the folk lore beliefs I listed above, because I don’t like sticking with the traditional roles of paranormal creatures. He’s humanoid in nature, from another dimension that isn’t related to heaven or hell, and, yes, he is sexy. His wings aren’t just pretty or used to fly about, but they are very nimble and useful. He has very real problems, just like any human does, and he’s obsessed with human women.

Thanks for joining me today!

Gracen Miller

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