Saturday, May 5, 2012

Be Inspired

 by Mahalia Levey

What Inspires you to write? To dream? To want?

I find inspiration in many different forms.

Songs – I love meaningful lyrics. Disturbed—Hell. Inspired my Demonic Realm.  A7X- Inspired a folder full of plots from many songs 
Dreams – I have the oddest dreams. One editor says I’m creative even in my sleep. I see a Sci Fi world build with the latest dream. You can read on my blog at
Observation – I enjoy stalking people, erm…watching how they interact with each other or avoid physical contact.  I get a kick out of what people will do when they think no one is watching. Some of its gross but other behaviors are hilarious. Then there’s the shock value of being caught in the act!
Places – Kum and Go Gas Station is a fave of mine. So is. Bushwhackers Museum and Horny Toad Drive…
Objects – We can talk all day about sex toys and I’ll never tire of it. There are zillions of gadgets that make people happier and I’m all for it.
Recently I’ve been all excited over techy stuff. I don’t know what it does or how it works but that doesn’t stop me from inventing my own reasons and descriptions. :P
The Perfect Couple- You remember…they were in the High school Yearbook as most likely couple to make it through everything.
Things people say on Facebook! My I want a rum and cock blunder hasn’t been forgotten yet :P

Pictures posted by random people on Facebook! The male model with the squid penis thingy? Got many a response.Mind boggling. 

What really inspires me is life in general and the people who surround me. Friends, family and foes.Because there’s such a complex diversity of people that there is never a new story to write about.

Case in point… one of my dearest girlfriends has winter boyfriends. You want to know what that is? I had to ask. Apparently those are the guys you only date from December to beginning March. And then you trade up. This isn’t just from her word of mouth. The term was in a popular women’s magazine. There’s even a break up date for pre spring…? WTH? Right.

My bestie drives me insane really with her constant switch up of boyfriends. I mean while she’s trading up, I hope she realizes they are too.

So what did this inspire? Oh, the new plot of my WIP for the 1NS story line. And yep she knows it, too.

Inspiration is what you make of it. All of the above are easy things to be inspired by. I haven’t mentioned the mother who lost her husband and forges on to be the head of her family.
I haven’t mentioned the faceless heroes protecting our countries.
And I haven’t spoke of our own memories or people who have influenced who we’ve become.

Walks of our lives that have opened up our mind to create and recreate.
(If you can’t find the perfect hero, why not build one out of a handful of ex-boyfriends) There is some truth to that thought by the way :P
Maybe it’s the way the darkened sky has an opening and it looks like God’s fingers are shooting rays of light in the murky weather, giving a breathtaking view. – Pic on Facebook!

Where ever you find your inspiration don’t let it go to waste :P

The Song that Inspires Me….

What Inspires You?  Leave a Comment and your email address. I have a Tell Me No Lies poster or Coffee Mug to give as a prize! For US and Canada residents only.


  1. Everything inspires me. Listening to music, watching a movie/ tv show, reading a book, observing people, nature, dreams, etc.. Inspiration comes from everything! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best!

  2. alot of different things inspire me. most things in fact, but the one that i always turn to is Psalms 23.

    tammy ramey

  3. I use music to inspire me to write!

  4. Not looking for a prize, since I live in Japan. Just wanted to stop by and say "hi", Mahalia! What inspires me is my wife, my co-writer. We live our stories of HEA!

    1. If I remembered how to say hi in Japanese I so would right now :P Thanks for the stop in! What a great inspiration to have a partner in crime so to speak! Right on!

  5. Thanks Shadow it's great to see you again.

    A lot of people turn to Psalms for inspiration or a needed word.

    Tamaria, I love music when I'm working. Classical, instrumental, jazz, Rock, Country you name it :P