Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Screen Crush

by Heather Long

It’s funny; I remember my first actual crush on an actor. I was all of five years old and absolutely crazy for Luke Skywalker and his portrayer, Mark Hamill.  By the time I turned seven I was in love with Hawkeye on MASH and Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza.  It about broke my heart when I realized that Little Joe and Pa Ingalls were the same person.

I grew up watching Little Laura Ingalls grow up (granted the show kicked off the year I was born, but I’ve seen every episode a hundred times, and I was little Laura’s age when I started watching it).  Either way, I so identified with these characters and the actors behind them that to this day, I am so very fond of Melissa Gilbert, Mark Hamill and Alan Alda.  In fact, when they cast Alda on West Wing, I was so torn because I loved Jimmy Smits character, but that was Hawkeye!

Lately, I’m fallen madly in crush with Chris Hemsworth and Ian Somerhalder to name a few, both the actors and their characters.  The great thing about big screen crushes, you can never have too many.

Dreaming Out Loud

So it’s no surprise that I’ve fantasized through the years about meeting my favorite actor or even the character they play (hey, I’m a writer, I have a lot of imaginary friends).  So I asked myself, what would it be like to have that fantasy come true? In Tell It To the Marine, that is exactly what happens to James Westwood. 

The stand up Marine is also a clinical psychologist and he counsels his brothers in arms, providing them with the clinical support and fraternity of someone who’s been where they are.  So for James, his 1Night Stand introduces him to the woman of his dreams, literally.

Lauren Kincaid has been an actress most of her life and James, like I, enjoyed the fascination with the actress and her characters. But the real thing is so much more spectacular than his dreams … it led to a wonderfully sweet story.

Tell It To The Marine releases today.  For a chance to win your pick of my current 1NS in release, tell me, what movie or television star would you love to meet for dinner…or a 1Night Stand?

Tell It To the Marine

PFC James Westwood wasn't a typical Marine. A clinical psychologist who devotes time to his brothers by working at Mike’s Place, James recognizes that his band of brothers need a helping hand on their journey home.  When Captain Dexter encouraged everyone to sign up for the 1Night Stand dating service, Westwood committed himself, what did he have to lose? 

The last thing he expected was screen goddess Lauren Kincaid.

 Movie star Lauren Kincaid grew up splitting her time between the cold reality of the Hollywood scene and her family home in Plano, Texas   After two decades of artificial friendships and inflated egos, her greatest desire is to meet a real man, not a Hollywood talking head.  Her agent suggested the 1Night Stand service for its discretion and exclusivity. When she arranged to meet her date at Dallas' famed Sybarite Club, she wasn't sure what she was expecting, but the gorgeous psychologist with rapier wit blew her expectations away.

Everyone needs someone to hear them.

 James and Lauren share an unmistakable connection, but when one of James’ patients suffers a crisis, Lauren more than proves her


“Your party is this way, sir.” She beckoned him down the red-carpeted steps into the lounge proper and he followed her path through the club to a booth in the back. Acclimating to the low lighting, he saw a slender feminine arm extend from the right side of the booth until a red-nailed hand cradled a wine glass.
A curl of excitement twisted in his gut. He'd planned to keep this low key, but the club, the music and the atmosphere teased his anticipation. The waitress halted with a sweep of her arm to allow him to precede her.
“Can I get you anything, Mr. Westwood?”
“Soda water with lime, please.” He preferred to keep his wits about him. “And bottle of whatever the lady is having.” If they were going to have a dinner, the least he could do was provide her with her preferred wine.
“Of course.”
Free of the waitress' distraction he turned back to the booth. His fingertips rested against the table as the golden-haired goddess looked up at him. Sea-blue eyes seemed to catch every drop of light in the room and reflect it in shimmering azure as she rose to offer him her hand.
“James?” Milk and honey flowed through her voice and his spine straightened, his cock already jerking into a salute. “I'm…”
“Lauren Kincaid.” He could only hope he wasn't drooling like a lovesick fool. Lauren Kincaid, a goddess of the silver screen, was his one night stand?
Her laughter, low and throaty, dragged his open mouth into a smile. Shaking off his shock, he took her extended hand and shook it carefully. Her slender fingers seemed totally engulfed by his and he didn't want to squeeze her with excitement.
“It's a pleasure to meet you.”
“Ma'am, you have no idea.” His date was Lauren Kincaid. The only chick flick star he would pay money to see with or without a date.  


  1. I read the first two books and can't wait to read this one. Who doesn't love a sexy Marine!

  2. I had some of the same crushes as a child/teen. I am also in lust with Chris Hemsworth now. As for who I want for my 1NS....I would love some Daniel Craig. He has that bad boy, rugged swagger. I love it. I can only imagine what my 1 NS would entail...
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. My current crush is Mark Harmon (Gibbs on NCIS). I love the whole take charge Dom attitude ;-)

  4. I would love to have my 1 Night Stand with Manu Bennett. He's just so rugged and handsome. *sigh*


  5. I have to pick just one?? Darn, it is hard to pick between Damien McGinty (Glee Project and Glee), Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman), Stephen Moyer (True Blood), and William Shatner (Star Trek). For a "just dinner and talk" my 1NIght Stand could be Damien and William. But for a total 1Night Stand it is between Robert and Stephen. Both men are H.O.T.

    I would pick Stephen in a lack of a heartbeat for dinner and much more. And I would want him in those tight black leather pants and black leather jacket from last season. And have his fangs. I'll supply the A+ on tap, 98.6 degrees!