Friday, October 26, 2012

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack

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by Taryn Kincaid
Seems like I was just here! Oh. Wait. I was!

Had no idea what to write, until “I’m Baaaaaaack” came tripping off my typing fingers.

And I thought, oh, a line from Poltergeist. Very fitting considering we’re so close to Halloween and all. Yeah. No. Google reveals that quote wasn’t from Poltergeist at all. The great line from Poltergeist is, “They’re heeeeeere.”
So, yeah. From The Shining then. Um, no. Google reveals that it may have been from The Shining, but maybe not. People seem to argue about that. Other creepy lines from The Shining were “Johnny’s here” and “Wendy, I’m home.”

Why don’t I know this for a fact? Because I don’t actually watch horror movies. That’s right. You heard me. I’ve never seen Poltergeist. I’ve never seen The Shining. I once went to a showing of The Exorcist and cowered under the theater seat the entire time.

I may love reading and writing about demons (if they’re HOT) and such, but I do not enjoy horror movies unless they’re over-the-top campy. Or have exceptional masculine eye candy. Like the zombie giggle-fest, Cemetery Man, with Rupert Everett. You can catch this in Italian with English subtitles. I think there’s an English-dubbed version. I highly recommend it. Or Swamp Thing, with Ray Wise. Or Rocky Horror Picture Show. I like these because they are hysterically funny. (And, in the case of Rocky Horror, you can dress up and sing along.)

Don’t get me wrong. There is no time of year I love more than Halloween. But that’s different.

 I do not do well with the dun-dun-dun-da-dun-dun type of horror movie. I can tolerate gore and guts. It’s the music and the build-up that get to me. I am a person who freaked out when the shark jumped out of the water. (Although “We’re going to need a bigger boat,” may be one of my top ten favorite movie lines. Along with every line in Casablanca. But I digress.) I even freaked a little on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. When the shark jumped out of the water. Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh.

But to return to “I’m baaaack.” Sometimes that’s how it goes for me. I’ll get a title, and all else will follow. LIGHTNING could not have had any other title and the title helped dictate the story, as it did with THUNDER.

In THUNDER, the heroine, Veronica Hardwicke, is a not-very-good witch who is scared out of her gourd by mysterious noises in the house the hero, Sean Jones, is renovating for her. Oh. Yeah. There’s a thunder storm, too. And a whole lot of passion.

What frightens you? Let me know and I’ll choose a random commenter (who answers that question) to win a copy of either LIGHTNING or THUNDER. (And don’t forget to check out the really cool videos on the sidebar of this blog!)

Lonely young witch, Veronica Hardwicke, has struggled to get on with her life after the death of the elderly husband who’d left her a fortune and a sprawling estate in mystical Sleepy Hollow. When frightening things go bump in the night on a stormy Fourth of July, who better to call than the sexy developer and contractor, Sean Jones, who's been renovating her mansion for months?

Sean may grace the tabloid pages with a different supermodel on his arm every night, but it's Veronica who drives him nuts. Ignoring his instinct to stay away, he answers her summons.

Will the thundering passion of their 1Night Stand tear down the barriers between them? 

Veronica paced back and forth in the grand entry foyer of the Belmont mansion, the kitten heels of her Prada mules clacking on the marble floors.
The rest of the place might not be finished, but she’d insisted on having a few rooms completed, so at least she felt like she was living in a home, rather than a massive, never-ending construction project. Well, her contractor had insisted, even though working around the main entrance and central hallway created more work for him and his crew. But she was forced to admit he was right.
Her cell phone chimed on top of the antique credenza shoved flush against one wall. She leaped for it. Probably Geneviève, to regale her with all the fun she was having in Paris. Or Sean, to advise her he couldn’t make it after all. She sighed and read the text message on the small screen.
Congratulations, Veronica. 1Night Stand has found your date. Have a good time.
With both anxiety and mounting excitement, she stared at the screen and waited. No other info. Outside in the night, thunder boomed. She jumped then laughed at herself.
Ghosts are one thing, but freaking out at the weather now? Cripes, you really do need this date!
She let her imagination run wild, then texted back for more details:
When? Where? Who?


  1. You know what? I don't watch many of those movies either. I've seen Poltergeist, I think, a long time ago.

    What scares me? Aliens. Yeah, I know, like you and the demons, I only like them when they're sexy. I can handle movies like Independence Day and War of the Worlds, but Signs freaks me out. I've only seen it once, and I won't watch it again. Refuse. LOL

    I already have both Thunder and Lightning so no need to enter me.

    Congrats on the release, and many sales to you! :)

  2. Thanks for grabbing both books! You are the best! They are apparently on sale for $2 at Coffee Time Romance. Who knew? For sure there are more sites and such out there than I can even remotely keep track of.

    What?! You didn't love ET?? With the Reese's pieces? And the phoning home?

    Know exactly what you mean. Horror creatures need to be hunky. Aliens need to be cuddly.

    Otherwise, I'm scared out of my socks. Which is weird, because in real life I am not anywhere near as chicken-hearted. I really think the movie music has a lot to do with it!

  3. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show! My hubby and I used to go see it at the midnight movie at least once a month when we were dating and first married. We still have the sound track and got all our nieces and nephews singing along! Thanks for bringing up the memories!

    The best part of horror movies for me is the songs and build up more than the gore and guts. The original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis is still my favorite. During the Halloween season the theme song is my ring tone!

    The only movie that scared me was The Entity. It's supposed to be based on a true story of a family that lived in Texas. I could not sleep that night! I heard every noise possible in the house and it just freaked me out. My husband slept like a log! LOL!

    I haven't read any of your books but I'm definitely going to be checking these out! Thanks for the chance to win one!


    1. Thanks for popping by, Susan. It's been ages since I saw Rocky Horror (which is periodically on TV now!) but I also used to go to the midnight shows in my younger years! So much fun to talk back to the screen!

    2. Last time we went was kinda disappointing. The younger people had changed the words to yell at the screen and it didn't make sense! As if the movie made sense anyway! LOL!

  4. I guess the scariest is when animals or people jump up out of nowhere in the dark. I was recently watching things out at my parents' ranch and heard some noises. When I went out to check the two great pyrnees dogs came around the corner and scared me half to death!

    Most scary movies don't scare me.

    I would love to read your books and thank you for the chance to win one.

    jeepforme1923(at)yahoo(dot) com

  5. Thanks, Starla -- I know, sometimes if I am deep in thought at my desk at work and someone stands in the doorway, I jump! But normally, I'm okay with that sort of thing. I don't go to horror movies in the theater much but if I'm home and somehow forced to watch one, my favorites at the stupid teenagers. Everyone is suddenly yelling at the screen, "Don't go into the cellar!" "Don't go outside!" Too Stupid to Live!

  6. I do not watch horror movies, or read horror books as i feel there is enough horror in real life. The thing that scares me the most is driving on a lonely country road late at night.

  7. I'm pretty scared of thunder, lightning, tornados and clowns.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  8. I really like most scary movies. I love vampire, werewolf, and even ghost movies but I absolutely hate zombies and scary aliens. They scare the bejeezus out of me! Even if I can manage to sit through one of those movies I always have terrible nightmares so as a rule I try to stay away from them. Thank you for the giveaway. :)


  9. Ann -- Interesting point! One of the reasons to read romance, for sure! There should be more!

    (As for the lonely country long as I know where I'm going and I'm not driving around and around lost and there's plenty of gas in the car...once I was driving home from a friend's house -- my sense of direction is awful! -- and I somehow ended up near Bear Mountain, that's how lost I was. Very little gas. Very long, lonely country roads, no lights, no place to stop, no cell phone. Yep, horror, all right!)

  10. SheriV -- I hear you about the clowns. But if you want to look at THUNDER and LIGHTNING in a whole different light, hey, I have a couple of sexy paranormals I can recommend to you!

  11. Bboo04 -- Yeah, I'm not big on those either, except if they're more funny or romantic than they are scary! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Oh, I'll have to look up that Rupert Everett movie. Love him! I also love going to the play of Rocky Horror - gotta throw that toast at the stage, lol. Young Frankenstein's a favorite. I like the campy horror, not the blood-and-guts kind, and tales of possession scare me too much!
    Your excerpt hooked me. No need to enter me either, I intend to grab both!

  13. OMG! How could I have forgotten Young Frankenstein! One of my all time favorites (I also saw the short-lived Mel Brooks musical version on Broadway.) Yes, definitely check out Cemetery Man. It's a scream!

  14. Snakes, snakes and er - snakes - add sharks and I'm officially scared to screaming point. meet a vamp or a ghost and I'd be fine! I think.

  15. You sound like Indiana Jones, Barbara! "Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes?" LOL!