Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Interview with Lily from LIGHTNING

Good morning. My name is Bunny and I’m your hostess today on the 1NightStand blog, and that filter you have between your brain and mouth—well, I don’t have one of them. Just saying. So, don’t expect it.
This month I’m interviewing Lily from Lightning. She’s the one that knocked the power out for Sleepy Hollow a few years back. Pthhhh, and you seriously thought it was a storm?

Upon reading her profile, I see that we have a lot of things in common. For one thing, she’s a demon, a succubus, and I too am a demon, a soul collector of sorts. I prefer the term recruiter of the damned. We obviously both have great taste in clothes and men, and I too have sisters, older sisters, a legion of them.

When I was a young demon and still lived at home, around my house, the wonder years and PMS were not pretty. It gave a bad day in hell a whole new meaning. You want to talk hell? One bathroom and a legion of sisters. Do you have any idea what I had to do to get some mirror time? Seriously, sisters can.... 


Oh, I’m getting off topic. I just love to reminisce about the past. And I understand my guest today has been reminiscing a lot lately about her past. So let’s get this party going. We’ll start with an easy question.
Tell us about the night you began to fight your natural instincts. I mean you are a sex demon and you do have to, how do I put this delicately, screw your brains out, boff like a bunny... um okay, not like a bunny, but you know what I mean. You have to scratch that itch. Go ahead and tell the readers what triggered the insanity, why you put off men and chose to slowly waste away.

Wow, Bunny, you do go on, don’tcha, babe?
Oooh kitty has claws. We really should talk about some of the job openings I have available. You would be perfect for many positions, and not all are on your back. But do tell, why have you sworn off sex again?

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Okay, well, first of all, I am not a sex DEMON. I do not collect souls. I am a sex GODDESS.  I rock their world. I give them the hottest time of their life. I leave them whimpering, vibrating, electronically-charged pools of molten testosteronic jelly. (I may have made that up. I may also be channeling my sisters just a teensy tinsy bit.)
Of course, your mileage may vary, Bunny! (My eyes don’t go red.)
 But yeah, my first time (and first time with a mortal) did not go, how shall I say it…well. Oh, the sex was mind-blowing and all. In fact, it kinda literally blew the mind of my prom date, the great love of my life, Campbell Jones. Left him comatose. I didn’t quite know what I was doing then and I had years of pent-up frustration building. So when I finally let it loose…snap, crackle & pop, you might say. Poor, poor Campbell.  When the paramedics scraped him up, zapped into unconsciousness, I thought he was dead. Mourned him a good long time, too.  Little did I know Campbell was busy acquiring, um, super (staying) powers.
So…yeah. I’ve been a little skittish about mortals, you might say.
And talk about sisters! Really? You want to go there? Holy crow. You don’t know from whacky, oversexed, domineering older sisters until you’ve met mine.  Dagney and Zena. I mean, shoot, there I was, opening my brand spanking new professional office as an accident reconstruction expert (Okay, so yeah, I may have a teensy, tinsy bit of history there), when in flit my sisters ready to re-arrange my life.  I mean, it’s barely page 3 of my story and Zena’s already got her sexy lips wrapped around the southern part of the anatomy of the maintenance guy hanging my diploma on the wall.  Sorta makes sharing a bathroom pale in comparison. Ya know?

Until you have a legion in your closet stealing your haute couture, I don’t want to hear it. Okay, so sharing a bathroom isn’t that bad, but when they touch the shoes, someone is going to get hurt. *runs nail file over ends of pitchfork*
What kept you from going out, finding a tall drink of water and sucking him down like a high-calorie smoothie? There’s much to be said about breaking your diet and going for the fast food. You know how they say that if you deny yourself a treat every now and then, you’re going to fall off the wagon and binge.
Yeah, well. I’m a succubus, as you’ve pointed out. Got to keep the hormones and electrolytes and all that other stuff in cosmic balance. Or the lightning tends to strike. Like, you know, with poor Campbell. And the lower Hudson Valley power grid.  And all the cell phone service in Sleepy Hollow. So whenever I’d need to scratch an itch, I’d make a booty call to an incubus. Talk about fast food.  I had them on speed dial.  But…you know. The slam-bam-thank-you ma’am is not that filling. You tend to want a meatier meal an hour later.

I hear you there. I once dated this Hell Lord.... An incubus. The sex was off the scale, but in the end, he ate all my takeout, drank all my beer, and didn’t put the toilet seat down, so I pushed him in a lava pool. It’s so hard to find what you want out there.
I understand your sisters were concerned about you. Is that why you used the password they gave you to unlock instructions on where to meet your date?
Yeah. Something was definitely missing. I was beginning to fade away. Zena thought I was looking whiter than Edward Cullen.  A fair complexion is one thing. Translucent is another. So it was definitely time to sink my lips into something more tasty and nutritious.

Since you’re a succubus, I’ll just get to the question everyone has on their mind. What was your favorite part of the date?

The blindfold?

Did anything other than who your date was, surprise you?
Campbell’s ability to ….uh, yeah.   No. Nice try, though.

Do you like bondage? Whips, chains, maybe a nice riding crop?
Campbell. Campbell, Campbell, Campbell.

Rather single-minded aren’t you. Anyway, I have these cuffs....
Whatever works for you, honey-bunny.

Honey-Bunny? Listen Fry-Girl, Bunny doesn’t swing that way, well only on special occasions, but I’m not into succubus, just so you know. Your kind are clingy and just too draining. *Glances around quiet audience* Okay, so I might have experimented a time or two, but doesn’t everyone do that in college?
And hey, you in the audience, you haven’t read that Fifty Shades of something or another? Please, everyone knows that cuffs and blindfolds are the new red. Get with the trends. Seriously, come out of the dungeon people. You didn’t fall off the escalator to heaven yesterday. You know what I’m talking about. Japanese knot tying, nipple clamps....
Never mind. Keep pretending to be innocent. Bunny knows the truth, every single bit of that dirty debauchery you try to hide. *Eyes flash red* Now, where was I? Oh yes. Since your sisters filled out the questionnaire for you, did they get it right; did you get your perfect match? What kind of traits would you have listed that they didn’t?
Did I happen to mention…CAMPBELL???

Cambell, smambell. Got it, pumpkin. You’d forget all about your soup guy, dear, if you saw the way this.... Never mind, *snaps fingers in front of her* she’s a goner. Whatever works for you Fry-Girl.  
Okay, it’s time for quickies. Everyone loves quickies. *Stops and eyes the audience* Well, almost everyone. Alright, here we go.
How tall does he need to be to get on the ride?
If he’s on his back or hanging from the chandelier, do you really think that matters?

Good point. We’ll move on. Boxers or Briefs?

Roses or orchids?
Gardenias. (Campbell knows this.)

I have a feeling there’s a story there. Suits or Jeans?
Oh, my Goddess! Have you SEEN Campell in his tux? Or out of it for that matter?  (You better NOT have seen him out of it, Bunny, on second and third thought.)

Is that a challenge? I mean I do have some pretty decent optics available. If you insist I can certainly check him out. *Points pitchfork.* Put the claws away. We’re civilized here and people who play with Bunny get hurt. You might break a nail or something. I get it, he’s yours. That leaves how many million for me?
Does size matter?
Campbell’s got no problems there.  And I’ve got no complaints.

Lights on or off? Oh that’s right; you like to take out the power grid. My bad. So, I can safely say lights off—or is that out?
We kinda like stars and lightning lighting up the night sky. 
Hopeless! Winter or summer? Somehow you don’t strike me as the snow angel type.
Hot, hot, HOT.  And outdoors, baby! 

Does he have any brothers, and do you have their phone number?
Funny you should ask. He’s got a really HUNKY brother, Sean.  (Don’t tell either of them I said so.)  Sean’s the hero of THUNDER, another 1Night Stand story now available from Decadent Publishing. Campbell and I fixed Sean up. Kinda. Sorta. With the help of Madame Evangeline, of course! (But those Jones brothers have a lot of tasty guys on their crews, if you’re interested. Oh, Goddess. What am I saying? You? Not. Interested? BWAHAHAHAHA!) 

*Blinks* What? Now what a minute there, sister. You are going to share? Do you really blame me? Please tell the readers what he looks like, Lily.

Thanks for the in depth description, Lily. And thanks for coming today and sitting in the hot seat. Leans closer. Don’t forget to give me that number before you go. Sometimes you just have to bypass the homework and get straight to the stalking. You know what I mean. I’m all about time savers.
To find out how Lily’s date went, make sure to stop by Decadent and pick up the tell all exclusive, Lightning.

And if you want to read Sean’s story, Thunder, you can pick that up HERE

Thanks for stopping by.
Ciao, Lovelies!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!

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  2. Wow, Bunny and Lily are quite the match for each other. LOL Great interview! :)

  3. Wonderful interview. Someone's got an obsession with Campbell.
    Can't blame you. Sounds delicious.