Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wendy Burke's Bucket List...Done! Well, Maybe Not!

    You know I committed to the dear Blogmaven for Decadent Publishing, Valerie, that I would blog once a month - heck, that can't be difficult, right?

    Yeah, well sometimes it is.

    But then I thought - 'Hey, this company has afforded me the chance to knock a couple of things off my Bucket List, so I should give them some props!'

    So, Thank You, Lisa, Heather, Val, et al for getting me published.   Without you and the rest of your talented staff, tired Doughboy, Ryan would still be sitting alone in a bar in Morocco in Respite.
 Jake and Grace, although good friends, might have never known The One He Chose and why...
 Bryn wouldn't have had nearly the amazing time in Scotland without Ian urging her to Haste Ye Back...

    And, another Christmas would have gone by with Emmy waiting for her love to return and her listening to Elvis alone in Wise Men Say.
   Thanks to Decadent, there are now more than three couples and their various family and friends who have 'life' and better lives at that, afterall, you wouldn't want to be stuck in my head or laptop for eternity, now would you!

   In my lockbox are four certificates from the U.S Copyright Office with the above titles and my name on them as author---who would have thunk, huh? A little ole radio geek from Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a published writer! But then again, my old friends always knew I had people 'running around in my head.'

Thank you Decadent Publishing gang and readers! -- I know I don't say that enough!

 When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a silly life working in TV and radio. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty hovel with her her way-too-cute chef husband and two furry feline kids. She's proud to be a displaced Cheesehead, now living in Cpl. Maxwell Klinger's hometown. 
Find her on Facebook, Twitter (@WendyBurke1994) or send her a nasty email ( to which she will promptly respond!

What's on YOUR Bucket List? Tell Wendy and she'll give one commenter an ebook from her backlist!


  1. Haste Ye Back was the first 1Ns book I read and have loved them ever since. As for my bucket list...I want to own a Goldwing motorcycle and travel across the US on it with my husband. Maybe someday when I can retire or when all the kiddos are out on their own...only 18 more years to go.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. Hey Mel...

      My old man--after he hits the lottery -- wants a KittenWagon, ie WINNEBAGO so we can take our 'children' (ie the cats) on vacation!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wendy you are a new author to me. I was very excited to read that you live in my town. I can't wait o read your books.
    My bucket list...more traveling. Now if I can't get my husband to realize that there are other states then Florida. I'd be very happy.

    1. Hi Lori -- and fellow Glass City-ite! I do think COFFEE is in order, yes -- maybe at Bigby's! You'll be interested to know, 'The One He Chose' has a partial setting in Sylvania of all places -- (I live in Springfield Twp, however!)

      There is SO MUCH to the world, even tho Florida is nice! Another on my Bucket List -- hiking in the Highland of Scotland...I'm hoping I can knock that one off in a few years when I again visit my friends (who are more like family) in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh).

      Thanks for the comment! ENJOY!

  3. Travel outside the US is my main think on my Bucket List I want to do!

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com