Friday, March 29, 2013

What Makes a Hero Sexy

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By Kate Richards
Two Men is my first foray into writing M/M and gave me the opportunity to further develop two characters I fell in love with when writing Two Men and a Virgin.  That story, a ménage between Rex, Paul, and their childhood sweetie, Andie, garnered me reader requests for how the two fellows got together in the first place.
I knew…but I was delighted to share. As were the men involved.
Rex, a forest ranger in the High Sierras, an area where I spend quite a bit of my time, protects the trees and animals from hazards both natural and manmade. He rides a horse along trails he helped to make and ensures that hikers and campers, fishermen and hunters are able to enjoy the tall trees and sparkling streams…the amazing hidden lakes, will be there for future generations. He’s protective of those he loves, handsome and strong. Sometimes too serious. Paul can make him laugh and lighten up.
Paul is a firefighter, tall, blond and funny. Also handsome, natch. But he has a heart as big as the outdoors his friend protects and sometimes has a hard time coping with the tragedies he encounters at work. He hides his deep feelings behind his humor, only able to let his guard down with his closest friends. Rex, in particular.

These, to me, are heroic men in work, thought and deed. I fell in love with them, and I hope you will tell me if you agree. Please leave a comment and I will select one person to win a copy of TwoMen.

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  1. Congrats Kate! Great idea, to write a prequel. :) Hope it garners you more readers!

  2. I love firefighters and park rangers.I also spend a lot of time in the High Sierras.:)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  3. I love men in uniform.
    The book looks good. I love a good m/m romance. I bought Two Mn and a Virgin would you suggest I read Two Men first?
    Lorimeehan 1 @

  4. Rex and Paul sound like great characters. I'm looking forward to reading their stories and getting to know them.

  5. Strong men with big hearts! Always sexy. As for the hero bit - I think firefighters who dash into burning buildings are heroic, as are the armed forces - well in fact, anyone who risks their lives to save others, or shows by work, action or deed that they put the well being of others before their own, or those who have to cope with terrible tragedies in their lives and yet still make time for others. I have a problem with people being called heroes when they're not - I'm specifically thinking of sports stars, film stars etc. They're not heroes! So what does Rex do that makes him heroic I wonder!