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Dragons & Desire – How Much Background Do My Readers Want?

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By: Kali Willows 
Writing paranormal for the entire duration of my writing career, my most favourite sub-genre is shape shifters, specifically, my Dragon twins, Tatsu and Yong Li. Tall, dark and bright jade eyes, with a fiery lineage that makes finding romance more illusive than they could ever imagine.
I love these characters so much, and they still won’t leave me alone, to write something else, uninterrupted! I’ve just completed my third in the series, and doing edits to submit my final Dragon 1NS to Decadent Publishing!
For fans of my fiery ménage romance, of super yummy parahuman twins & a divorcee with a tricky twist of her own in: DoubleDragon Seduction, there is a sequel to this sizzling tale! Without giving too much away, there is a destination wedding, in an exotic land, one of the twins is getting hitched, and the other…is in need of Madame Evangeline’s mystical match making help.
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After a bitter divorce, Cindy Dunham has become sexually emaciated. With her best friend’s upcoming wedding, loneliness is taking the lead and she is famished for erotic rhapsody.  Having a blind date for the nuptials is a bittersweet concept she reluctantly agrees to. The match Madame Evangeline finds for her leaves her reeling with conflict and jealousy. Will she ever get her carnal hunger gratified?

Being the third wheel in his brother’s love life is no longer satisfying for Yong Li. With the desperate need to branch out and have an experience all his own: he is fraught with his ancient affliction that runs interference with the prospect of any normal relationship.  Having had a life altering 1 Night Stand before, he seeks the help of his old friend, Madame Eve to find a new sexual outlet for him.

“I was exploring and found a place I’m dying to show you.” A devilish grin lit up his face.
 “Oh really?” she eyed the mountain wall in front of them.
“Come on.”
“What is this place?”
“It’s a hot springs cave.”
“A cave? Isn’t that dangerous?”
“Not when you’re with me, I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” The warmth of his smile melted the last of her cold exterior.
Their path was illuminated with solar lights leading up to their destination. Although she felt hesitant, she didn’t resist when he led her to the shrewd rocky archway. The exquisite aroma of the jasmine flowers clustered along the walls of the entrance lingered about them.
“I read about this in the brochure in my room. It’s exclusive use only to villa guests, so…”
“Since the reception is still going, I don’t think we’ll be interrupted.”
“Oh,” a shiver of excitement ran through her. Another chance of getting caught, that’s tantalizing.
“There’s some rod iron torches along these stone walls,” Yong patted down his pocket-less jacket. “No matches.” He pouted.
“I don’t have anything,” Cindy stopped and panic set in.  “I left my bag in my room.”
“Hey, it’s no problem, I got it.” Yong stood close to the torch, and gently blew on the wick. The slightest glow emanated from his pursed lips and ignited a flame.
A surge of excitement rushed through her as she watched. “That’s right, the dragon thing. Gwen did tell me about that.”
“Hope it doesn’t freak you out.” Yong collected her hand and walked to the next one down the way.
“Not at all, I honestly thought she was pulling my leg.”
A surprising sensation ran across her palm. “Hey, your hand is getting hot.”
“Part of the parahuman lighter trick I’m afraid. It’ll go back to normal in a few minutes.”

When you come across a story line and characters you fall in love with, do you find that you want to know more about them? Being 1NS are short stand alones, and there isn’t a lot of room for back story, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a separate Double Dragon line, Chronicles of the Double Dragon.  
Whether you have read my Double Dragon Seduction or Dragon Temptation, would you want more?
For my author friends, have you written characters that keep begging for their own series outside of stand alone stories?

For a chance to win a copy of Double Dragon Seduction, the first in my Dragon trilogy in the 1NS line, leave a comment with your email address and share your thoughts. Tell me how much you want to know?

Happy Reading!
Kali Willows


  1. I love the 1NS series, but there have been so many stories that I would love to have more of. The magic of the 1NS series is it makes me fall in love with characters in such a short time. I'd love to read this series, and I bet when I do, I'll want more! ;)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  2. Hi Sheri! It's great to see you back again! I completely agree with you about the magic of the 1NS series! Writing for this line, with these amazing editors, have really helped me hone my writing and focus on character development and pacing!

    This particular sub-series is still haunting me to write more! I do hope you get to enjoy every one of them! Keep your eyes open for the third in this series, Dragon's Breath, I will be submitting as soon as my last round of edits are done! This one involves a feisty cousin of the twins, and a very unusual romantic challenge for the hero and heroine!

    Thank you so much for stopping by again and commenting, happy reading

  3. Hi Kali,

    i loved this story and would definetly like to read more. i only read the 1st book so far but look forward to read the 2nd. i would read a series on these characters. it;s a great storyline and catches you right from the start.

    tammy ramey

  4. Hi Tammy :-) thank you fir stopping by. I'm si happy to hear you enjoyed Double Dragon. Its's exciting to hear how catchy the storyline is :-)

  5. Congratulations @Sheri! You won a copy of Double Dragon Seduction! I will message you to arrange sending your prize!

    Thanks ladies, for stopping by