Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Fight Against Death

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By Louisa Bacio
Cheating Death. The Grim Reaper. I’m fascinated with the concept of looking Death in the face, and avoiding the final snatch.

As someone who continuously avoids potential horrendous accidents, it’s a meaningful subject. (Oh, I don’t cause them, but simply just miss them.) Do I have a guardian angel? Someone looking out for me from the great beyond? Perhaps, it’s my mother who died when I was 14, or maybe my best friend, who passed away in a drunken driving accident the year after I graduated from high school. Or is it that I have more left to do on this earth?

I realize these are pretty heavy topics for a blog about erotic romance. It also gives a glimpse into the psyche, and that fascination with Death. (Note, the capitalization is totally on purpose … a personification of that we cannot see, but definitely affects most of us.)

My first 1Night Stand, A Date with Death, takes a slightly humorous look at the Great Beyond. The story opens with Maise in the waiting room of Heaven. I had a friend ask me why a waiting room. It must have something to do with my Catholic upbringing, and that concept of Purgatory. What’s one thing we dislike most of all: Waiting. That uneasy feeling of not knowing, and being stuck between two worlds.

The same concept surfaces in A Dance with Death, which recently was accepted for publication, and I’m currently working on one more for this series. We all have influences that return to haunt, and some of us may be more perceptive than others. Listen to those voices, and realize you don’t always have to accept the path given.

A Date with Death
   Death sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When Maise discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.
   Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys him a certificate, he feels obligated. A romantic night on the Southern California coast, with the full-of-life Maise leaves him wanting more. 
   Will a 1Night Stand be enough to overcome death?

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Louisa Bacio


  1. Thank you Sheri. I've gotten some great feedback on the story.