Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Second Anniversary to Maggie and Ian

By Starla Kaye
I can’t believe it has been two years this June since Maggie’s Secret Wish, my first release with Decadent Publishing, came out with the 1Night Stand Series. Where, oh wher,e does time go?

When we last saw Maggie and Ian, she had gone to Scotland to see if the stubborn Scot could fulfill more of her dreams…the rest of their lives kind of dreams. After he’d nearly hugged her to death on his doorstep, he vowed to never let her go again. Did he hold true to that promise? I’d like to take this opportunity to share in Maggie’s surprise for Ian to celebrate their second anniversary together.

Maggie’s heart skipped merrily about as she prepared to welcome her husband home after his recent book tour. She had trouble believing they’d been together for two years. So much had changed in their lives. She’d moved all the way from Kansas City to Scotland. She still did some website designing, but she could afford now to be real picky about whom she took on as clients. Ian had become her biggest and most important client. She had taken over his websites and most of his social media work, all chores he detested. She had also become the heroine in his new erotica series, something which had taken a little getting used to at first. But that fact really was their little secret.

She glanced at their enormous bed with four thick rich mahogany columns stretching from the floor nearly to the ceiling. Halfway up one of the bed posts was a big velvety soft ribbon, tied in a bow, waiting…

A shiver of a delicious memory crawled over her. She could be so “naughty” sometimes. Or was it Ian who behaved so naughtily when he tied her there, when he did such very wicked things to her. God, she loved her big, bad Scot.

She hurried over to the camel-backed antique trunk that had once housed small weapons of his Highlander warrior ancestors. Now it held their stash of goodies they’d been collecting. She’d added a few items while he’d been gone the last month.

Excitement tearing through her, she picked up the pink and black fluffy flogger. The downy softness of the faux fur sent a quiver over her buttocks. She could envision herself bent over the end of the bed, bare bottom out for Ian’s sensual attention. He would like this…so would she. Once he’d lashed her a bit beyond the light play and applied just enough sting, he would move on to something else. And she would lie there eagerly anticipating…

Next she picked out the little purple feather tickler. Ian would shift her legs apart, nudge her further  forward, and then he would tease her sensitized body. She would tremble and struggle for breath as he tickled her between her thighs, over her already moist lower lips, and flick her hardened clit.

Pulling her from her pleasant musings, she listened to the first of Ian’s heavy footsteps on the stairway. Home! Oh,yes!

He called out in his deep, husky brogue, “Maggie! My sweet Maggie, I’m home!”

She scurried across the room and tossed her toys on the bed. Then she moved to the doorway and said breathlessly, “I’m up here, Ian, waiting for you.”

His steps came more rapidly and she hurried over to the bed. Sitting down, she arranged her gifts to him, and sat naked on the edge to await her lover. At the last second, she reached up to her neck and fingered the soft white leather collar with “Maggie” emblazoned on it. He’d gotten it for her last Christmas but hadn’t worn it yet. He hadn’t pressed her to do so, knowing she would put it on when the time was right. To her, it was a symbol of her giving herself totally and forever to him, although she would only wear it when they were together in private. She’d made the decision while he’d been away.

Ian stopped in the doorway, filling it almost completely with his big body. His thick, wavy dark hair brushed his shoulders and he wore it loose in the way he knew she liked, making her fingers ache to thread through it. And he must not have shaved in the last day or so for he had a nice growth of beard stubble. But it was his eyes that captured her focus. They mirrored his desire for her, were heated with the promise of an intense reunion, something she would long remember.

He swallowed hard as he spotted the collar she wore. Immediately tears glistened in his eyes. “Oh, my precious lass, you’re wearing…” He choked up and walked slowly toward her.

She jutted out her chin and stood to face him. She took his hand and together they touched the collar. “I belong to you, Ian, only to you. Always.” 

Celebrate with Maggie and Ian! Leave a comment and one lucky commenter will win a copy of one of my ebooks, along with a fun, sexy suprise!

Since the release of Maggie’s Secret Wish I have published three more stories with Decadent: Starting Over came out 8-14-11 as part of the 1 Night Stand Series, The CEO and the Cowboy came out 7-7-12, and Acceptance was released 5-7-13 as part of The Edge Series. And I have just submitted Cowboy Dreamin’ to the 1 Night Stand Series.

Maggie’s Secret Wish
Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, BDSM
Heat Level: 4


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  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary! It was nice to catch up with Maggie and Ian.

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  9. Thanks to all of you who stopped by for the anniversary party for Maggie and Ian. It's always fun to look back at some of your favorite characters.

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