Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So I was ogling the pilot on a recent flight…….

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By Desiree Holt

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Decorum and behaving and all that. But this guy was really cute! I’m talkin’ mouthwatering sexy, with his broad shoulders, cropped dark hair and…can you believe it?…dimples! He was standing in the open door to the cockpit when I boarded a plane for a recent flight. I had to move along because I was rooted to the spot, staring at him, drool on my chin, the flight attendants laughing their asses off.
But listen. Have you looked at the pilots on your flights lately? I’ve done a lot of traveling the past few months and I wanna tell you, they must be getting them from Pilots R Us because they are insanely cute and sexy. Where have they been all these years. I wanted to whip out my ereader and read aloud to everyone on the plane my 1  Night Stand story, Flyover, and tell them they were all my inspiration.
I mean, what’s not to love about a story of a very hot pilot and a woman done with no-end relationships, isolated in an airport in the middle of a snowstorm. H, wait! They were each on their way to a rendezvous arranged by Madame Eve, the all-knowing mistress of the 1 Night Stand Dating Service. Yet here they were, stranded in the now-empty bar, cursing their fate.
Oh, but you have to read the story to find out.
Mean of me to tease, right? Okay, I’ll give you just a little taste.
When Chelsea Haller and Alec Ramsey find themselves marooned in a snowbound airport on their way to an arranged 1Night Stand date, little did they know an icy storm would help them heat up the sheets. Enroute to their 1Night Stand dates, Chelsea Haller and Alec Ramsey are stranded in the airport during an unexpected snowstorm. It doesn’t take long to discover they’re each other’s one-night stand. Lucky for them, they’re drawn together by sizzling electricity and soon forget the icy snow. As the heat between them nearly melts the sheets in Alec’s hotel room, their night of erotic adventure surpasses anything they expected from a 1Night Stand.

He walked up behind her and hesitated a moment before resting his hands on her shoulders. When she didn’t try to shrug him off or move away, he knew she felt the same attraction he did. Was he moving too fast? Hell, sex was the main item on the night’s agenda, anyway. They both knew it. If she shut him down he’d be no worse off than before.
But she didn’t. When he brushed aside her thick mane of hair and skimmed his lips over the soft skin of her neck, a shiver ran through her. A silent acceptance of his touch. God, she smelled so good, like flowers and the ocean and sin. He licked her skin lightly then nibbled on the lobe of one ear.
She pressed back against him and he turned her to face him, studying her for a moment then brushed his mouth over hers. Her lips were lush and full and tempting, with the feel of soft velvet. Tracing the seam of them with the tip of his tongue, he urged her to open for him and thrust inside her.
Her mouth was hot and liquid, her tongue dancing like a live wire. He moved his hands up and down her back, feeling the heat of her through the fabric of the dress. She gripped his biceps with her fingers and when she pressed her lower body against his, every nerve in his body fired. He wanted to go slow, take it easy. Give her the chance to get used to him. They’d barely gotten to know each other. But his body and brain were engaged in a fierce battle for control.

Okay, got your interest? Good! Get your copy today and take home your very own hot airline pilot.



  1. I loved the book and highly recommend it. I'm lucky t0 be married to a sexy pilot. Gotta love a man in (and out of) uniform.

  2. I'm a huge loser who has never been on an airplane BUT I love living vicariously through this story ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. As a pilot's wife I'm going to have to add this one to my TBR! There's just something about those guys with their heads in the clouds!!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. And Mary, big thanks to you for the recommend. Hope all the pilots love how I wrote this hero.