Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet a real Cinderella!

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Hi everyone! You may notice that I’m not Bunny. No, she’s decided to chase after one of the sexy Pararescuemen that Bobby introduced her to back in March. And while I’m not a sexy Demon, my author does like to refer to me as a bunny. The Energizer Bunny, that is. Hey, I can’t help it that I never run out of ideas. Might as well get them down before I do run out one day, right? So, today, I’m interviewing retired First Sergeant Cori Valentine from Cinderella Wore Combat Boots.

Cori: Good Morning. And what name do you go by?

My author has many names for me, but I prefer to be called Élan. I have to tell you, Cori,  we have a lot in common. We just keep going and going until the job is done. But recently you were told you had to stop, that you had to retire. How did you react to that?
All my life I’ve been in the Corps. My Marines are my family. I wasn’t just faced with saying goodbye to my career, but my family. Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to understand the bond you have with your brothers and sisters in arms. I was ready to show them I could do it, but the military is cutting back, and those who had medical issues, had to go.

I would fight them all the way, too. But they did plan an extravagant retirement party for you, complete with some surprises. Like a date, perhaps?
Yeah, about that. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to be reminded of that ticking clock. It really felt like my life was over, that everything I had worked for was being taken from me. Then my good buddy, Gunny, convinced me to get onboard. A photo, a new dress, even though I’d wanted to wear my uniform, and boots, something I could walk in without landing flat on my ass in front of everyone. My old injury wasn’t having any of the high heels.

And I heard your unit took you shopping. That in itself is a situation jammed packed with plot bunnies. I mean imagine all those sexy, young men and who they could meet. My author is going to kill me. Okay, so how was the shopping trip?
Okay, there is a reason you shouldn’t take men shopping. I think I tried on every dress in that shop before I had one foisted on me at the last second, to replace a strip of fabric one of the guys tried to pass off as a gown. Surprise. It turned out to be the right dress. Nothing to trip on, and my color—red. Then Gunny slid a pair of patent leather combat boots under the door, the same kind the USO used for some of their dancers. I couldn’t say no. They were perfect.

They would be my preference, too. And your date? I mean, I heard you got all hot and bothered just by looking at his picture. What did you think when you actually met Sol in person?
Well, it was kind of hard not to. He’s that kind of man when you walk by him, you risk getting whip-lash from the double-take. Meeting him in person.... Much more than I expected.

Oh, I’d love to meet him. Can you explain to us what your role in the Marines was before retirement?
I was a First Sgt. I worked as an MP before that, and encountered an IED at a checkpoint. The shrapnel from the explosion destroyed my hip. The surgeons weren’t sure they could put me back together, and I was told point blank, I’d likely never walk again. But I showed them. I walked, with a limp, but I walked, so when they told me I had to retire or be medically discharged, you can understand how it wrecked my world.

Good for you for proving them wrong. Though it still sucks that you had to retire. And how do you fill your days now? I can’t see you just sitting down and accepting retirement.
I work for Sol at his company Serve and Protect. We make protective equipment for the military and for police and fire departments. We also have a lab that develops bionic prosthesis, eyes, limbs, hearing and we’re even working on devices that pick up where severed spines leave off. Our hopes are that someday, individuals with spinal injuries will be able to walk again.

A great goal! And I look forward to seeing the company in the news when that goal is reached. Okay, now for the quickies. You do, do quickies, don’t you? Splendid. *Claps hands together*

How tall does he have to be to take you for a ride? At least six foot. I’m tiny, but I love a man that I can look up to.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Both.

Boxers or briefs? Commando

Beer or champagne? Beer

Mustache or clean-shaved? Clean-shaved

Skin art or unaltered canvas? Depends on what’s on their skin. Another woman’s name—turnoff. His trident—hot.

Does size matter? *Raises brow*

And I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but heels or flats? Boots.
Thanks for stopping by, Cori, and giving us the scoop on your date. I understand you have a tell-all book out about your night called, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots. Do you have the link where readers can buy it? Cinderella Wore Combat Boots

Okay, keep your eyes open next month when Bunny will be back to interview.
Bye, bye for now!

Thanks for having me, Elan.


  1. I loved Cinderella Wore Combat Boots! :)

  2. This is a story right up my alley!

  3. I had so much fun writing this story, I wrote one for Gunny and Lissa. It should be out at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

  4. Great interview! I have also read this one and enjoyed it!
    I am glad to hear that Gunny and Lissa will have a story also. ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love Cinderella Wore Combat Boots, and I know Gunny and Lissa's story will be just as fabulous. :-)