Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's Next, For Me?

       Ah, yes, time for another blog. I’m beginning to feel a bit unworthy as all the other regular 1NS bloggers have been writing steamy little pages for this site—I’ve got nothin’ right about now.
      I do have news, however, Blogmaven extraordinaire, Val, who also pulls more than triple duty in the form of Submissions Expert, Hand-holder, and You-Really-Don’t-Want-To-Do-That overseer has delivered good (?) news to this particular author – yeah, the autumn release of For Me I’ve been so geeked about, well, it’s been moved up, waaay up –like next month.
Which is all for the better – I have a hard time ‘moving on’ until a book is completely ‘finished.’
     So, For Me, what’s it about? Well, it started, like many of my stories do, as a completely different animal. I can tell you, for certain!, it’s the final of six  stories fellow-DP/1NS author, Deanna Wadsworth and I have written with over-lapping characters. My female lead, Abby, is the sister of Deanna’s male lead in The Best Ever, Jason. And, Jason reaches back to my Haste Ye Back – with more over-laps until you get to Deanna’s Bear It All.
      But, I digress, what’s it about? How about just reading the blurb?

Pretty and professional, Dr. Abby Lewis has enough money and friends to keep her bed warm at night. Nearing forty-five, however, she finds herself alone and single. Even her geeky little brother nabbed a drop-dead gorgeous professional baseball player for a boyfriend, so what the hell is wrong with her? The orthopedic surgeon has diagnosed her own malady --- most men don’t want a woman who, even beautiful and charming, is fifty pounds past perfect.

Handsome and athletic, Casey Rupp runs with the fast crowd – money, prestige and any woman he desires. He finds, however, most of them are a shell of the person they could be. Despite his prowess and sexual exploits, he yearns for that one special woman who can satisfy him beyond the physical realm.

Does Madame Eve have the cure for what ails these two lonely hearts?

      Yeah, I think so. And, Hunter Hayes wraps up the story perfectly in his Wanted video.
       Soon I'll be pouring over cover mock-ups and tearing out my hair over edits. Then again, maybe the editor who cracks the whip to make me a better writer will be kind and my flogging won't be as severe as in projects past. But, I welcome it -- in the end, makes me a better writer and gives you an even better story!
       Happy Reading!

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a silly life working in TV and radio. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty hovel with her her way-too-cute chef husband and two furry feline kids. She's proud to be a displaced Cheesehead, now living in Cpl. Maxwell Klinger's hometown. 
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The four books above are available through Decadent Publishing and all reputable e-book distributors. Her fifth book, 'For Me,' another 1NightStand story through Decadent Publishing is due out (YIKES!) in July!

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