Friday, July 5, 2013

Did You Know?

By C.R. Moss

Hi all! I’m here today to share some things about myself and Las Vegas you may not have known. :)
Once upon a time, another couple of people I’d been talking to online were surprised to learn that we have grass in Las Vegas. Yep, I see it outside my front door every day. It also snows here.
I’ve encountered some interesting animals in the area as well. In the middle of the banner below is a wild burro. They can be found up at the Red Rock NCA. There are wild horses in the area along with big horn sheep, but I have yet to see those. Recently, my writing partner took pics of some wild horses up on Mount Charleston. Cool, eh? I did get up close and personal with a big cat once. Look at the beauty on the right in the banner below. You can find the big cats—and dolphins, too—in the Secret Garden!

There’s a nice quiet place I like to take guests to when they visit. There are nature exhibits, bike and hiking paths, and a good café where patrons have an awesome view. It’s called The Springs Preserve and you can find out more about it here: If you’re ever in the area, consider checking it out. It’s a great place to take the family to. And for being close to Downtown and within a city, it really is quiet!
And last but not least… Did you know that Las Vegas has a Ski Resort? Yep, it does! It’s up on Mount Charleston. Here’s the link:

Why do I mention the ski resort in the middle of the year & when summer just started? Well, on the way up the mountain to go skiing, there’s a resort I based the setting of two of my 1NS stories off of. And the second of those two stories, ‘Sunset Heat’, is now available!

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Can one night transform a woman’s life?
Seana Tramonto feels doomed when it comes to relationships. When she’s set up through the 1Night Stand service, she’s apprehensive at best. Her concern turns to ire when her match turns out to be a man who broke her heart years ago. Old wounds are slow to heal no matter how sexy the man asking for forgiveness.
Zachary Russo, a Las Vegas policeman, is talked into doing a 1NS date. When he learns it’s with his high school tutor and friend, the girl he stood up before the Homecoming dance, he’s determined to make it up to her. But seeing her again opens his eyes to the sexy woman she’s become. Can he prove he’s grown up or will circumstance beyond his control kill their second chance?

For more on ‘Sunset Heat’ and my other ‘Sunset’ titles, visit:

An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities. So what does she write? She writes stories from the light and sweet to the dark and deadly with varying degrees of sexual heat. Writing as C.R. Moss gives her and her muses the freedom to explore worlds of possibilities when it comes to love. And where does the tag line “Love & Lust in the Wild West” fit in? Well, for one, she lives in NV. Two, her stories take place, either in part or in full, in and around the Las Vegas area. Find C.R. Moss & links to her other social media outlets at: Website:

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  1. I did know Nevada has wild horse and burro bands :) But I didn't know Las Vegas got snow!

    Love your cover btw!

  2. Interesting post...and, personally, I love Las Vegas. We even have a time share there and I go to LV usually twice a year. And I will be at the Hot Mojave Knights conference, so I hope to see you there.

  3. Thanks for coming by Olivia & Starla! :) Yep, we get 'weather' here. Not all that much or all that often, which I love, but enough to remind us why we moved in the first place to this interesting city. :D & Yep, you'll see me HMK!