Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Women Really Want

By Barbara Elsborg
Does any woman really want a one-night stand? Isn’t that moment when a man and woman meet and an emotional connection made – on the woman’s part at least – backed up by her hope that THIS COULD BE THE ONE?
Maybe not always. Research suggests that some women accept the one night stand proposition because they’re flattered by the attention, pleased that a guy finds them attractive enough to bed.  In the interests of getting laid, a man will massively lower his standards. Charming! It’s almost – any willing woman will do. That’s not so flattering.

In a survey, 80% of men felt positive after a INS, but only 54% of women. But interestingly, the negative feelings weren’t because the women wanted the guys to declare they were the one, but more because there was no acknowledgment made that the women had made a sacrifice of their own to go through with it. The notion being they weren’t like this usually.

Many of the INS stories I’ve read, this is the point that’s often made. It HAS to be made if there’s going to be any future for the couple. What man wants a woman who’s had more INSs than she can count? Which leads me to Decadent’s series. Fabulous set ups of every sort, in exotic and ordinary places, two people, sometimes three and not always human,  who’ve mostly never set eyes on each other before, who find happiness through one arranged date. So in a way – they’re not INSs at all. They’re the first date and the rest of their lives will follow.

Because that’s what women want along with the sex – affection and commitment. And that’s what readers want too—to believe that love will prevail. I’d feel really cheated if at the end of reading a lovely story, the two parted and said – well that was great but goodbye.

I’ve written two INS stories. On the Right Track ­  in which Nick and Hollie collide on a snowy road, and Just What She Wants  in which Indiana goes on holiday to the States and meets two guys who want her to stay forever. I’d like to offer a commentator an ecopy of either book.


  1. I love the settings and characters you brought to life by throwing them together for a night and then a lifetime. Keep writing!