Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Listen to the Wind

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By Heather Long
Can you believe that Marine in the Wind is my 15th Always a Marine tale? I never imagined when I wrote Luke and Rebecca’s book way back in 2011, that I would be here in 2013 talking about  my 15th Marine much less that I would have another six still waiting for release. Before 2013 is over, we will have 21 Always a Marine books. Can I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person who has read, encouraged, kicked me in the pants and challenged me to keep this going?

Blending Cultures

Marinein the Wind is also unique because we return to Freewill, the small town in Wyoming that serves as a setting for the Western Escape series. We first went to Freewill in The Marine Cowboy. AJ and Sheri’s book was so much fun to write, that I knew I wanted to go back to this very lovely oasis and see more stories set against the picturesque backdrop and a slower, more temperate way of life.

Since my first book with a cowboy, I really wanted to do one with a Native American character. After all, if you remember your history, Native American Marines played a very pivotal role during World War II and many others. But it was the Navajo code talkers that provided an unbreakable code to prevent German and Japanese forces from decrypting just what our U.S. military was up to and bravo to them.

Wounded Warriors

In that spirit, Greg grew up on a reservation. He grew up with his grandfather and great-grandfather and all the stories of their people. Serving was natural for him, but grave injuries leave him feeling like a part of himself—a part of his soul is missing. When we meet Greg, he’s been on the road to physical recovery for some time. The trip to Wyoming and accepting AJ’s invitation to the ranch gives him an opportunity to heal his soul—and the chance to meet Georgia.

Oh Georgia, I love my heroines. I like them feisty, I like them sassy, and Georgia had both in spades. There are literally scenes that I was laughing as I typed them because of the words coming out of her mouth. But she and Greg fit together in so many ways, despite what seemed like some strong surface differences.

Mixing a Little 1Night Stand and Western Escape

I wanted to blend the wisdom of Madame Eve in the western setting, particularly because it worked out so well in AJ’s book. Still—you will learn in Marine in the Wind that AJ has plans for his ranch, so I expect we’ll be heading back to Freewill in a future book and checking in on some of our favorites! 

Listen to the wind, you never know where it will take you.


  1. You blended it beautifully. :)

  2. I do love the name Greg - I wish I could use it but my son is called Greg so I think it would freak him out! Congrats on such a long list of titles!!!That's amazing!