Thursday, August 15, 2013

13 Native American Spirit Animals

Crow Magic came from the stories told every summer around the campfire at our family cottage in Michigan. Our neighbor, Indian Dave, used history, legends, and spiritual lore to weave fantasy and reality into timeless tales. My favorites included Spirit Animals and Shifters.

“Once a man opens himself to the Great Spirit, a guardian spirit in the form of an animal will be gifted upon him. This animal is a part of his soul. Some may choose his animal spirit, others will be born with theirs; the spirit within the chosen gives the body the ability to shift from human to animal The man may need to control instinctive urges as well as listen to the animal’s wisdom. The animal spirit can sense good and evil as well as the man’s one true love, the mate for both man and beast. ” – Indian Dave

Here is a list of my favorite Native American Spirit Animals taken from Tribes of the Great Lakes Region.

Golden Eagle
Bald Eagle
Brown Bear
The Great Hare

Great Blue Heron
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  1. if it was a mythological creature it would be a dragon but if you mean an animal like on your list then I think the Kodiak Grizzly.

    I choose them both because as a person I am very short at only 5'1/4" and 160(slight over weight). however my personality is super sized and as my mom says I can't seem to remember that almost everyone is bigger than me and I'm not bullet proof. LOL!

    tammy ramey