Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 Things Not to Do While Ghost Hunting

by Louisa Bacio

This year, the Authors After Dark Convention brings attendees to Savannah, Georgia. I keep hearing the Southern city billed as the “most haunted” in America. One of the evening festivities is a walking haunted tour, which got me thinking – What shouldn’t you do while ghost hunting?

Here’s my list:

5) Wear Holy Water like eau de perfume, dabbed behind the ears.

4) Sit in a darkened room, and inform the ghosts they’re allowed to “touch you” to let you know they’re there. (No joke! I went to an event with Amy from Ghost Hunters, and she actually called out this invitation!)

3) Invite the spectral inhabitants to travel home with you. My advice: Let them haunt wherever they currently live.

2) Wear high heels. (Come on, we’ve all seen the horror movie. Sensible shoes, only, please!)

1) Duck under the sheets in a historical house. Probably frowned upon, and I expect the living will ask you to leave.

Got any more tips?

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Wish me luck on my ghost-hunting adventure!

Louisa Bacio

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