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A Date with a Vampire. Or: Why we love the brooding undead? Let’s switch it up a bit!

Love, Transylvania Style available HERE

By Stephanie Williams 

When I first decided to write Love, Transylvania Style, I already knew how I was going to portray Thaddeus, the Vamp and hero.

I have read (or tried to) many Vampire stories, and although most of the stories I’ve attempted have been written very well—they kinda gave me the creeps and got me depressed.

I understand the whole brooding dark hero that has issues from his past. I know about adult angst. That’s what makes these heroes so fascinating to the heroine. He’s mysterious, dangerous, taking risks emotionally and physically sometimes.

He’s the ultimate Bad Boy with a past.

But let’s face it. How many stories of angry, brooding, bitter Vampires do you want to read about? Now I am not knocking those books. I wish I could write dark stories like that. And they have their place. It’s part of the genre. But that’s not me. So I decided to take a different approach with Love, Transylvania Style.

I gave Thaddeus a bit of humor. And yes, for you die hard Vamp lovers, there is a bit of darkness there too. In fact, when he brings up the inevitable to Donna, his love interest, I bring out some of that gloom and doom. LOL

But I could not have him be the typical, prototype Vamp. For instance, the story opens up with him making a blind date with Madame Eve. Usually, vampires find their victims, sink their fangs in them and the story goes on from there. Or he’s hunting and seducing his or her intended prey, and then occasionally has flashbacks of how he or she became vampires themselves.

Very bitter.

Thaddeus actually tries to talk Donna out of a decision that could change her life—literally

On the whole Thaddeus is fun, a bit of a cynic and sarcastic. He makes jokes, but more importantly, he knows how to show a woman a good time. Hell, he brings her flowers and chocolates!

I mean really, have you ever thought about a hot date in Dracula’s castle in Romania?


Thaddeus Dumas is a Vampire looking for love. Well, he was at first until he realizes that finding true love means changing a potentially unwilling female. So he settles for a night of one-night stands, starting with Madame Eve’s services. He can’t possibly fall in love with a one nighter, and he can just move on to the next female. He didn’t count on the feisty Donna Kent.

 Donna Kent is bored crazy with the men she’s been dating. The same old same old. Dinner, dancing, hanging out and dull sex. She wants something extraordinary. She’s more than surprised when Madame Eve finds that someone. But is this the extraordinary she’s willing to sacrifice herself for


Room 506. He took a deep breath then knocked. A few seconds later, the door slowly opened.

“Mr. Dumas?”
“Ms. Kent?”

A broad smile spread across her luscious, tawny face. A petite woman, standing about five-three, she possessed a curvy figure accentuated by a tight fitting, low cut knit dress and high heels. Nice neck, too. Okay, I need to stop that.

“Please, come on in.” She stood aside as he brushed passed her. “Have a seat.”

He paused and took a good look at her pixie-like face, captivated by large eyes the amber of light scotch, sweet dimples, and bow lips. She wore her thick, tightly curled hair pulled back in a ponytail.

He found her the epitome of cute. He also found her very nervous.

Her vibes were out of control. The room was literally vibrating. It wasn’t a fearful nervousness, however, which piqued his curiosity even more. So she wasn’t scared of him. Hmm. Interesting.

“Um…these are for you.” He handed her the flowers and candy.

“Thank you. They’re beautiful.” She stuck her face in the bouquet and inhaled. “Nice. And these chocolates just became my new favorites. I discovered them since being here. They gave me a little box of them at the front desk.”

“I’m glad you like.” As she replaced the blooms in a vase provided by the hotel with the ones he’d brought, he thought about how to approach the pink elephant in the room. He shrugged. After arranging the flowers to her satisfaction, she showed them to him. “This whole set up is new to me. You?”

“Umm…yeah. Ms. Kent. I think you should be aware that—”

“You’re a vampire. And please call me Donna.”

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  1. Love the excerpt. I look forward to reading this one, for sure. I like your take on adding a sense of humor to the vampire.

    1. Hey Scarlet. I think it lightens things up a bit. :) I hope when you read it you enjoy it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks LaVerne! I started dabbling in paranormal because of you. :)