Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Special Visitor

The hero in Crow Magic is a Native American Crow/Shifter. The story came from stories a family friend would tell. “Indian Dave” taught the spirituality side of the gifted animal shifters. Even today when I see an animal, I wonder if it is a shifter or not.
A couple days ago a young hawk took a tumble while hunting in our wood. He found a quiet perch to dry off and rest, allowing my son and I a rare opportunity for a friendly visit. We approached him carefully and spoke to him in Chippewa. His reaction surprised us as he calmed down and simply watched us. He gazed at us as if settling in for conversation. At one point he showed curiosity regarding my cell phone.

Hawks are considered messengers. I asked “Gekek” (Chippewa for Hawk) if he had a message for me. Words entered my mind. “You need to begin writing a Hawk/Shifter story.”
I told him as soon as I finish my Eagle/Shifter, I will obligate his request. I only have one more chapter to write!

After several hours, he flew over my house with a call. What a blessing to have had him for the day!

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  1. my spirit animal would be a bird. An eagle. Thanks for asking lisagk(at)yahoo

  2. Those gifted with the spirit animal of Eagle like to dance. :)

  3. Mine would be a Bison. Ever since I saw them in Yellowstone when I was 13, I've been drawn to them and collect objects with their images.