Thursday, August 29, 2013

Remembering Romance and Starting Over’s Second Anniversary

Starting Over available HERE
By Starla Kaye

When I was first married (what seems like a gazillion years ago), I loved creating special romantic nights for my husband and I. He is an accountant now and was studying to become one back then. Accountant type should immediately give you a certain expectation: on the boring side at times.

Actually it was, and still is, more that he has no imagination outside of the accounting world. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him dearly. But the “fun” stuff and special nights have always been basically up to me. Of course, he has always been more than pleased to join in. From my experience, men are really not all that complicated when it comes to romance/sex. You even hint at offering and they are all over it.

I can’t believe that it has already been two years since Starting Over was published as part of the 1 Night Stand Series. In celebration of this special event, I want to share with you a look into Corbin and Matt’s life as it is now. It’s something just for fun because I love looking back at my characters.

At this time Corbin and Matt are settled into their relationship. Life is good for them, their businesses more successful than ever.

Matt’s love for the man who has trusted him to guide him into the world of male loving is so strong that he worries about something happening to ruin everything. This is their second anniversary of finding one another. Neither he nor Corbin are particularly sentimental, but he wants to do something extra special in honor of this moment in time that changed their lives. Corbin has been exceptionally busy these last few months. He drags home after long days at the office. He isn’t eating right. Tossing and turning at night as he struggles with work-related details is far too common, leaving them both tired the next morning. And all they seem to have time for lately is a quick brush of the lips before Corbin races out of the house. Sex has become little more than a fading memory.

Today that all changes.
Corbin sank into his desk chair with a heavy sigh. Yet another lunch meeting done with. Thank God. He was so damn tired. If he kept up this crazy schedule, he didn’t think he’d survive. Matt. The man was a saint, putting up with all of it, putting up with him. Corbin couldn’t remember the last time they’d…

Best to not go there. He sure didn’t have time for thinking about sex. Certainly not for enduring the hard-on he got whenever he even thought about Matt in that way.

He forced his mind back to business. He hadn’t had a day free in over two months. It felt like there hadn’t been an hour free of client meetings, staff meetings, or meetings in connection with the complicated merger his firm was involved in. Some days he thought he even needed to schedule time to go home and drop exhausted into bed. And wasn’t that just pitiful!

Resigned to spending the rest of this Friday afternoon and night in August in some kind of meeting, he flicked on his monitor and pulled up his calendar. There had to be a mistake. Every hour for the remainder of today clear up to midnight was filled in with GYSAH. What the hell?

He looked down at the midnight spot and leaned forward to see the words more clearly. GYSAH: Get Your Sweet Ass Home.

He smiled, feeling immediate pleasure and relief. His work day was finished. Matt had seen to that. Matt had found a way to get them time to be together. Corbin should have marked time off for his lover himself. But he wasn’t going to waste any more precious time worrying about feeling guilty. He was out of here!

I had originally planned to go into more of their romantic night together, but now I’ve decided to just leave to your own imagination.

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  1. I've read some really good rekindle the flame stories, but not a MM one. Good job on this! and happy book-a-versary!

  2. Thanks, writery, for leaving a comment.