Monday, August 12, 2013

STEAM HEAT…..Ssssssssssss!

by Taryn Kincaid

Yeah, so I may have mentioned before how easily distracted I am when writing. Other authors talk about the playlists they have, the tunes totally necessarily to their word flow, if not their very existence.

For me, anything with a beat and lyrics has the effect of “Oh, look! Shiny!”
But afterwards? Once I’m done and there’s a title and everything? It’s Earworm City.

After LIGHTNING came out, the  first of my Sleepy Hollow 1Night Stand stories, fellow Decadent author, Cate Peace told me she could not stop hearing The Wanted’s Lightning.  Now, I can’t either.

After THUNDER came out, Heather Bennett gave me a little Facebook concert featuring AC/DC’s anthem, Thunderstruck, with its rousing howls of “THUNDER! THUNDER! THUNDER!”

FROST? BLIZZARD?  Sorry, Max & Dagney. Sorry, Jack & Mandy. Couldn’t find one for you guys. But now...there’s HEAT WAVE, my fourth (and HOTTEST) Sleepy Hollow 1Night Stand, just released on Amazon.
It’s amazing how many songs out there have “Heat Wave”, “Heat”, or “Hot” somewhere in the title. Earworms  galore!  Everything from Marilyn Monroe’s Heat Wave in There’s No Business Like Show Business (“We’re having a heat wave, a  tropical heat wave/ it isn’t surprisin’ the temperature’s risin’), to Martha &  The Vandellas’ and Linda Ronstadt’s rock, Heat Wave (“It’s like a heat wave, burning in my heart”), to hip-hopper Wiley’s party (Yeah, I’m not  even going to attempt that one. You can click on the video for yourself!) Even Steam Heat from the old Broadway musical, Pajama Game.

I smacked a few of them up on my Facebook Author page and also my Pinterest “videos” board. Here’s Linda (romantic) and Wiley (hilarious).


Sent into the human realm to retrieve prodigal princess, Zena Night, Bhyrne Raines is shocked and unprepared for his carnal reaction to the sexy succubus. In service to the succubus queen, the rugged enforcer must stifle the instant passion exploding within him. Fulfilling his royal duty doesn’t allow for quickie dalliances. His biological clock is ticking, and he begins to enter breedspawn, an intense and unstoppable frenzy of mating all fire-demon males must endure. But the more he wants to avoid Zena, the more he’s drawn to her.

Reluctant to give up her carefree life of partying among the mortals when the hot-as-sin Bhyrne comes to fetch her for the queen, Zena uses her succubus wiles to entice him, or at least delay the inevitable trip to the royal court. Once in the demon stronghold, hidden deep within the Catskill mountains, she learns the reason for the summons: she must choose a consort within two days.

Zena needs a mate. Bhyrne needs to mate. With time running out for both of them, they each turn to 1Night Stand. With time running out, can Madame Eve come to the rescue?

Holy freeze gun, Batman. The words died before she managed to expose them to air. Her mouth snapped shut.
One of the Queen’s guards stood before her, huge and tall, nearly twice the size of most of the other males in the joint, a hella hunka supernatural male. Clearly not human, although Hugo Boss’d to his Adam’s apple in an apparent bid to fit in among the humans trolling for hot sex, illicit drugs, watered-down booze and loud music. Beneath the fabric of the unstructured designer suit, the toned muscles of a demonic warrior rolled like tidal waves. Even without the small lapel pin the uninformed might mistake for the The Rolling Stones’ logo, she’d recognize him for a captain of the guard. Maybe the Queen’s own Captain.
Hellfire and cotton candy. Trouble. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
But, by the goddess, whattahottie! Despite her certainty that his presence in the club corridor boded ill for her, the force of her sudden hunger shook her.
Like lightning.
A desperate bolt out of the blue.
Instant connection to him on the paranormal plane, as if he’d wrapped her aura in gold chains and tugged her to him. But did that fast lane to heaven run one way or two?
A grim expression straightened the lines of what otherwise might have been a generous, sensuous mouth. A military buzz cut had weed-whacked hair the color of iron. And it didn’t stop there. Without doubt, metal fortified every single cell in the massive male’s body, pure titanium flowing in his veins. The stern planes and angles of a hard-edged, swoon-worthy face set grimly as cement. Though he lounged in the hallway like any Archie or Jughead waiting in line to discharge his rented beer in a urinal, he exuded authority, his carriage and bearing such that he made the others look like a pack of Twizzlers. Oh. Yeah. More than a mere guardsman, she guessed. An enforcer.

BUY: Amazon

What’s your favorite tune? And why? One random commenter will receive a copy of FROST.


  1. Music inspires stories sometimes, or I weave it into them, but I can't listen while I write either. I'd either grab a pen as a microphone and sing along, or block it out entirely.
    Now I'm singing Heat Wave! Can't wait to read it. Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Cate! Earworms 'r' us! [LOL]

  3. I'm a 1NS junkie! Decadent can't do anything wrong in my book. It's authors are amazing. My favorite song right now is Merry Go Round by Kacey Musgraves. It makes me think about growing up in my small town. :)

    1. Some small towns are hotter than others. Sleepy Hollow's just a bucolic suburban village...except for the demons and other paranormals running around loose!

  4. Now I have a 'The Heat Is On' ear worm (Glen Fry?).

    Favorite tune is impossible, there are many. But a few off the top of my head are RUNAWAY by The Corrs and BREAKAWAY by Kelly Clarkson.

    AAaaannndd if you don't know those songs and only judge them by the titles you might conclude that I need to weekend at the beach.
    And you'd be correct.

  5. I'm like you and Cate, I can't listen to music and write. It equals instant distraction. I have songs that make me think of books when I hear them, but they're never turned on unless I need inspiration to write.

    Great post, Taryn. Off to promote it for ya.

    Congrats on the release and I wish you oodles of success!


  6. Blurred lines by Robin Thicke :)

    1. Have you seen the version he did with Jimmy Fallon? LOL!

  7. Jason Derulo 'Dirty 'inspiring and sexy, guy even got trumpets into the chorus, that's skill

  8. So who's got a song suggestion forFROST? BLIZZARD? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  9. All time favorite is Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Yes, I'm dating myself and I don't care. LoL! Congratulations on the release Taryn!


    1. Love Bon Jovi! But Jon's a Jersey young'n, as far as I'm concerned. Can date myself with Bruuuuuuuuuuce!
      Speaking of which...I'm On Fire :

  10. Oh, I always have a certain song that I listen to while writing each story. While I do love Kelly Clarkson and The Corrs, the songs that have inspired my stories lately are Spaceman by Bif Naked, Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes, and Psychotic by Econoline Crush.

    All the best, Taryn! :-)

    1. I love me some Bif Naked. She's pretty awesome.

      Lately I've been listening to Chicago (even us 20-somethings can appreciate good music) and went to see them play a few weeks ago. The concert inspired the 1NS I've been working on.

      I tried to explain the music-inspiring-book-ideas thing to someone once. He just couldn't wrap his head around it :-/

      So happy for you and your new release, T!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'd have to go with David Bowie's Space Oddity for you, Jess. (Talk about dating myself!)

    4. 25 or 6 to 4! Yeah, that takes me back...someplace outside, near Albany or Saratoga or some such place. What the heck was I doing there? It's very hazy.

  11. It's totally Fancy by Reba McEntire if I have to choose just one song. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  12. Ah, so you're a little bit country? LOL!

  13. This is comepletely different from what everyone else has posted, but one of my current faves to listen to is Coming Undone by Korn. It's got a hard, driving beat - I just love it!

    1. Hard, alright! (Man in kilt!)

      Heavy metal but...still...probably not as heavy as AC/DC's Thunderstruck! THUNDER! THUNDER!

      (See how I worked that in?) LOL!

    2. Men in kilts are hot, Taryn!! Jonathan, the singer for Korn, is notorious for wearing them. I think he looks good. :)

      Nice work in for Thunder! lol Another fave of mine is Whatever from Godsmack. Check that out... :)

    3. Google and YouTube are getting quite a work out from me!

  14. And the winner is...yes, you, Kirsten Lamberton! I need an email addy!