Friday, August 9, 2013

Dirty Love

A 1Night Stand story by Olivia Starke
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With Decadent Publishing’s popular 1Night Stand series, the most unlikely pairings are put together by Madame Evangeline, 1NS owner. Though her clients originally plan one hot night of passion, she has other ideas for a happily ever after.

I can’t pin down what inspired Dirty Love. I was blessed to have come up with a title first (nothing’s more frustrating than drawing a blank on a title!) and I wrote the story around it. I’ve thrown in some vampire and werewolf fun BUT I don’t let on who is what in the beginning, you have to read to find out.

I admit Kat and Jared are an odd couple, and even more so as you move through the story. I enjoyed throwing together two people who shouldn’t have ever met, and playing with their lives. It’s the author sadist in me. Kat is a fiery woman with a devil may care attitude, while Jared is conservative and cautious. Party girl meets computer nerd, or to paraphrase Jared, a fireball meets a wet towel.
Don’t get me wrong, Jared is hot. Physically fit, with a libido which can rise to meet any challenge, he won’t disappoint.

Kat goes on the prowl looking for a one night stand to rile up her new friends. A little shock and awe to keep her sane in a life no longer hers. When she’s matched with Jared through 1Night Stand, he seems perfect for her plans. Conservative, sweet, and sexy as sin, she’s ready for one hell of a ride.

But Jared is more than she bargained for—much more. And when her plans for amusement turn dangerous will the two find a way to stay alive?

  “Come on.” She winked. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”
  “I thought these things were urban legend. I never imagined I’d see one in real life.”
  His date’s gaze glimmered with mischief. “There are lots of big hairy surprises out there for those brave enough to search for them.”
  “Like you, for one.” He cleared his throat. “Except for the hairy part. I hope, anyway.”
  A slight blush colored her cheeks, and he brushed his knuckles over the soft skin there. Shadows marred the smoothness beneath her eyes. Had she been sick? Or maybe her party girl lifestyle drew out too much. She stepped back.
  “Cowboy up, sugar.” She grasped his hand and pulled him forward, again surprising him with her power. Under the softness of her curves lay a fair amount of muscle. He swallowed. She could ride him without tiring, take his maddened pounding for hours. It’d take all night to spend the pent up energy boiling in his veins. He’d passed the point of return; jerking off wouldn’t satiate his needs. Without sex, and soon, he’d run howling through the streets, a crazed animal.
  After taking an elevator to the basement level of the parking garage, she led him to a red door and rapped on its freshly painted surface. Dark corners closed in on them. The hairs on his arms and neck rose. He sensed being watched. More cameras. Were as many inside? And maybe a live Internet feed his family could run across in some improbable way?
  Don’t create imaginary monsters. He squared his shoulders.
  A partition slid open. Dark eyes narrowed, focusing on Kat who lifted a pale brow. The panel slammed closed, and Jared let a small sigh slip. Could he be off the hook? This night had turned out to be more than he’d bargained for, leaving him ready to tuck tail and run. Find somewhere else to indulge his feral wants with his date. The door swung open, and the odor of incense assaulted him. His escape option evaporated.

Olivia Starke calls the Ozarks home. One of the most beautiful areas in the country, she loves hiking trails with her dogs, kayaking on the numerous waterways, and enjoying southern Missouri's fresh air and sunshine.

She's also 'Mom' to four dogs, a growing number of kitties that show up at her door, and four VERY spoiled horses that do little to earn their keep. Not that she'd ever hold that against them.

She's a HUGE fangirl of Doctor Who and to a lesser extent, Supernatural, and has a pretty interesting love triangle (or square?) going on in her head between the Doctor and the Winchesters.


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