Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bunny interviews a Dragon

Eternal suffering is the fate dealt to Roark Blackwell. A fierce protector under a curse, he longs for a woman can never have. By day, a hideous stone creature, and by night, a flesh and blood immortal, starving for the touch of a single woman. After centuries of torment, he takes his destiny into his own hands and seeks the help of Madame Evangeline. For a single night, he wants to feed his carnal cravings, but what happens when morning comes?
Living dangerously comes second nature to Kaida Lee. Struggling with her dark sexual appetite, her fiery temper and her ancient lineage makes finding an ideal match impossible. A descendent of the dragon, she has a genetic burden that no mere mortal could withstand. Having two cousins succeed in romance with the aid of their friend Madame Eve, she seeks satisfaction through the services of 1Night Stand.

Hello, 1 Night Standers! Today I have a special guest sitting in my hot seat, a dragoness by the name of Kaida Li. Welcome Kaida Li. Please tell the audience a little about yourself, where you come from, your family life—who does your nails.
*Eyes Kaida’s fingers.* Nothing like a good talon sharpening to perk a girl up.
Well, Bunny, thanks for having me. I was gonna ask who does your claws? I’m lovin’ the hot pink zebra stripes. *winks*
This medieval blacksmith my father has been torturing. Does a fab job shaping them.
Where I’m from? Originally, Shanghai, but we moved to New York when I was a kid. I grew up with my twin cousins, Tatsu and Yong, and we were raised by our grandparents.
Truth be told…*glances over her shoulder and around the room, then whispers,* Only our grandparents could handle raising us three. Born in Year of the Dragon, we all tend to be a little hot headed at times,  me, more so than the twins because I’m have much less patience than they do. Our grandparents understood us, because they are double dragons themselves.
*Bunny eyes Kaida, glancing over her shoulders with raised brows.*
Don’t worry, doll, I don’t shift into a full dragon or anything morbid like that.
*Bunny shakes her head.* I didn’t say—oh never mind, go on.
*Kaida sits back with a smile.* I’m a fire performer, I do body burns, fire eating, belly dancing, martial arts, and a few other crazy things, but I don’t think I can comment on them here right now.
My cousins call me the family dare devil. Maybe because of my line of work or perhaps it’s because my favorite place in the world is hanging out on the ledge of my 7th story studio apartment. Although there is no demon in my bloodline, I do admit, I have a dark side, but it mostly surfaces when the dragon rears its fiery head.
When does that happen?
Usually if someone pisses me off. You see, me and my cousins, carry a gene we cannot hide, being Chinese, we are descendents of the dragon, and any twins born in Year of the Dragon tend to develop certain qualities, or rather talents that we have to learn to master.
You’re a twin, Kaida?
Not exactly; my mother was pregnant with twins, but my sister died before birth, so I’m just me.
Okay, we’ll just jump right in and ask, why seek out Madame Eve?
Well, as you can imagine, my lineage poses a challenge in most aspects of my life, but more recently, in my love life. I found my ex—uh, cheating on me. *smirks with a slight nod* When I was leaving, he grabbed me…Let’s just say, the scaring is healing up nicely, but he will always have a reminder not to mess with a dragoness.
Holy flaming ovaries. You’re kidding, right? I bet that can put quite the crimp in your sex life.
Sure it does, I mean, the ideal mate for me is a dragon, and let’s face it, male dragons are not lined up around the corner looking for a strong, independent woman who doesn’t put up with any shi—uh, nonsense. *bites her lip*
It was a wakeup call for me, I’m sure you have the same problem, Bunny? Mere men can’t withstand some of our more prevailing characteristics. For me, a mortal lover is not flame-retardant, that makes getting hot and bothered in the bedroom, or anywhere else problematic. I have a pretty intense libido, abstinence is not something that appeals to me in the least. *snort*
Who does it appeal to? So, tell us a little about your hunka burning stone. Was he what you expected? Any surprises?
He was so much more than I expected. He has such a huge…*crosses her legs as her cheeks flood with heat* personality.
He does huh? Anything else that’s huge?
He is—6’5 tall, I’m only 5’4. *chuckles out loud*
Roark is strapping, hot and sexy. He has long sandy brown hair, chestnut eyes with broad shoulders, massive biceps and abs you could scrub laundry on! What I didn’t expect, was that he would also be a gentleman, but he’s no push over. He can be dominant and dangerous too, just the way I like em.
Surprises? Yeah, he had a few doozies. I’m still processing everything, but the mind blowing sex makes it worthwhile.  I had no idea how close he had been to me for so many years. I never even knew he existed—well, sort of. It turns out, he had a crush on me for a long time and I had no clue. And then there was the whole age thing, but being with an older man isn’t so bad…His ex was a nightmare though, and as some ex’s do, she left her mark on him. Let me tell ya, that was some fun baggage to deal with!
As a demoness, I can tell you it’s so hard to find the right match these days. I once went to this dating service, Hell Hath No Fury. Have you heard of them? Certainly not as efficient as Madame Eve. They hooked me up with this hot hell lord, which at first seemed like the ideal man, but after we settled into the relationship, he always left his underwear on the floor, the toilet seat up and drank all my beer. It was micro-brew and I had it imported from Vermont. Anyway, he was a great piece of tail, but I had to shove him into the lava pool after he used my toothbrush. A girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere, ya know?
Yup, I know. Men, right? So far, we aren’t at that point of comfort, so I can’t complain.
Sorry, I digress. So, did you shove him in a lava pool? I know a great place if you’re looking for one. Seriously, just give me the word.
*Looks up to the ceiling as she thinks about it* Nah, as fate would have it, he’s fireproof, so he’s an awesome match for me-but I’ll let you know if the need should arise.  *winks*
Okay, let’s move on to some quickies then. Everyone loves the quickies.
Granite or marble?
Granite, the imperfections is what makes it priceless, the more weathered it looks, the more authentic. Marble is shiny and pretty, but one chip and it’s lost its luster.
Fangs or incisors?
*Sighs* That’s tough, I kinds have a thing for both—I’m into biting, and I like it a little rough sometimes. *big grin* I would have to go with incisors, his are pleasurable. *fans self*
Boxers or briefs?
Definitely boxers, I like to leave a little to the imagination—but I love boxer-briefs, best of both worlds.
Are you sure, you don’t want the information?
No, but thanks, Bunny, I’ll let you know if the need should arise. Listen, it’s been a blast, but I’ve got another hot date to get ready for. We’re trying the Circ De Soliel tonight, we have a bet going, he doesn’t think it’s possible to do it on a trapeze or tight rope. I respectfully disagree, so I’m gonna prove him wrong!
Hey, you don’t have to storm off. *Sniffs* Anyone smell something burning? BBQ? *Pats head* Hey! You singed my horns! Not nice, you flame throwing.... Dragons! Gah. They’re so hot tempered. You can’t live with them, but you can certainly roll them in eleven herbs and spices, roast them and stuff them in a bucket! You ticked off the wrong demon! Just saying.
Hey, horns; *peeks around the corner at Bunny* I heard that. Have you ever heard the expression ‘Don’t tickle the dragon if you can’t stand the heat?’ *eyes are aglow with bright orange. Shoots flames from her mouth into the air, then disappears.*
Gah! My hair.  Now you’ve made me angry. Bleeping dragons! Did I ever tell you I lived next to one? All the fluffy dogs in the neighborhood kept disappearing. But the hairballs hacked up all over my lawn gave him away.  I know Bichon Frise sounds like a French pastry, but seriously, they’re much more fattening. And you know he wasn’t so fast by the time he cleaned out the neighborhood. Caught him easy. Had a nice BBQ—had the family over. *touches horn* Speaking of which. We’re still having grilling weather.
 I know where you live, sister. Bunny’s got your number. That’s right, you better scamper away. *Stops and surveys the audience. Smiles.* Uh, well...that looks like all the time we have today. Please come back the third Wednesday next month, when I interview another unsuspecting sucker, uh, guest.
For the tell all exclusive of this interesting date, pick up Dragon’s Breath in October at Decadent Publishing.  BBQ—at my house at 8:00. See you there.
Time to go get my horns filed. *mumbles* I just had them done too.
*Vanishes in a puff of smoke.*


  1. Doing it on a trapeze or tight rope sounds interesting. LOL Watch out for dragons, Bunny! Or, should it be the other way around?

    1. Bunny is a wicked interviewer! She can dish it out for sure, the jury is still out on how well she can take it *grins*

      Thanks, Bunny, you rock, and you still haven't given me the name of your manicurist!