Friday, December 20, 2013

Love at First Sight

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By Kelli Scott

Love at first sight: Love it or hate it?

I love it! Many of the stories I write are on the short side. Don’t get me wrong, I like a long, lingering slow burning romance that keeps me warm night after night in my cozy bed. The twists, the turns, the zig and zag, the push and pull of a relationship—count me in. But I might just be the queen of quick and dirty tales wrapped up with a romantic bow in way under a hundred pages.

My shorties typically occur over a brief span of time. The chemistry is overwhelming and instantaneous. The attraction compounds like interest on a billion dollars, only faster. I’m not a big believer in destiny in my real life, but anything goes in the fictional worlds I create. Opposites attract. Obstacles are overcome. Clothes fall off.

Am I being irresponsible in my depiction of romance? I don’t think so. I certainly hope not. I’ve always trusted my gut when it comes to people. A friend of mine said I have a keen intuition about folks. I read between the lines of what they say and don’t say, observe body language and determine whether they are friend, foe or something in between. Within minutes of meeting a person I know whether to act professional, goofy or flirty. If I spend enough time with someone, I can pinpoint what drives them. Sometimes I can spot a lie coming at me.

But love. A declaration of love at first sight might inspire a call to 911. I am, however, completely on board with spontaneous attraction and/or infatuation. We can work with and build from that. Throw in some intuition, common sense and gut feelings, a relationship could follow. With head and heart functioning together, love is possible, even between an unlikely pair like Marley and Ian in my 1 Night Stand, Stroke of Midnight.

Marley Arbuckle is looking for a little payback or closure or a boost to her confidence after being cheated on by her fiancĂ©. She chooses a 1 Night Stand date in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve to exact her revenge. She’s planned the affair down to her perfectly styled hair and every last manicured finger nail and pedicured toe nail. She doesn’t count on meeting the likes of Ian O’Keefe.

Ian has his own dark reasons for contacting Madame Evangeline for a no-strings-attached night of desire with a beautiful stranger. He’s got something to prove to himself and a long road to recovery after losing his wife. His redemption begins with Marley, but can she teach him to love again?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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