Friday, February 7, 2014

Exposing Ellen

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By Skylar Kade

The first four dates in a new relationship are crucial. The first date measures chemistry; the second tests it. By the third date, you’re past most of the niceties and into the nitty gritty—can you sustain a good conversation? Are the manners and primping for the first date still present? Can you relax around each other? The fourth date, though…that’s always been my tipping point. After four dates, you can tell whether this guy (or gal) is going to stick around for a bit, or whether you’re calling it quits sooner rather than later.
Even if your first date is a 1Night Stand, like the women in Exposing Ellen, the four date rule holds. But after a romantic night at a Castillo Resort, what the heck are two women in Southern California going to do to get to know each other? Because, let’s face it—this is a romance and even if Ellen and Aimee get their happily for now in the book, we ALL want to know they have a happily ever after (I’ve talked to them—they do!)
On their first real date, Aimee—a professional makeup artist—invites Ellen up to Los Angeles to go to a taping of The Big Bang Theory. What, you didn’t know you could see shows being filmed live? (If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you can get tickets here) Since its a few hours of sitting around to film even a 30 minute show, they have lots of time to talk, hold hands, and sneak a few kisses.
Ellen came up with the next date and introduced Aimee to the Huntington Library and Botantical Gardens in Pasadena. Ellen, a library and bibliophile (naturally), dragged Aimee straight for the antiquarian books on display. Aimee would never let on that she was far more fascinating in watching Ellen ooh and ahh over the books than the books themselves.
Now the pressure was on—the first three dates were wildly successful, which made Aimee, in particular, really nervous. The fourth date had always been make it or break it for her, so everything had to be perfect. After nixing a handful of ideas, she decided to keep it simple—she took Ellen on a sunset whale watching cruise out of Newport Harbor. And if Ellen needed anything else to convince her that Aimee was a keeper, that did it.
Of course, Madame Eve knew it would work out in the end…but it took a night of convincing to get Ellen and Aimee on board with her plans. See how it all started in my new release, Exposing Ellen.

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