Friday, March 14, 2014

Tougher than a Cowboy?

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By W.M. Kirkland

In Frenchman’s Cowboy, Dustin, a professional rodeo rider tries out for a reality television series featuring jousting. These days, jousters perform at renaissance fairs or dinner theater shows like Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. And even Dustin, the hardened cowboy that he is, has to admit that when you’re racing upwards of twenty or thirty miles an hour at an opponent wearing forty-pounds of armor and trying to hit him with a big stick, it takes someone whose pretty tough to survive. Today’s jousters are specially trained athletes. Part skilled equestrian, part stuntman, part showman, these men participate in sports where broken bones are a possible every single time they step into the saddle.

In truth anytime someone gets on board a thousand pound (or more) animal with a mind of its own, anything can happen. Several campaigns have sprouted up to get all equestrians, not just those in the “dangerous” sports like three-day evening or jumping to wear helmets. In fact, Tony, Dustin’s partner in the story, wears a helmet as part of his uniform as a professional polo player. Yet, chasing a golf ball on a galloping horse (and hitting it with a mallet) can be more difficult than staying on an angry bronc.

Still, there’s a mystique about cowboys. They’re lean, powerful men, as primal as the very land they work. They’re sexy. They’re in our dreams and on our movie and television screens. And I confess, I have a weakness for them.
Even better, I have a weakness for putting them with their complete and total opposite and having fun with it. That’s how Tony and Dustin came about. Take one hard-working cowboy and one fancy (did I mention sexy?) designer model who also happens to be an equestrian, put them together, and see what happens. Or rather, reunite them and watch the sparks fly again!

There have been books written and documentaries made about the allure of cowboys. For me, it’s hard to say exactly why I like them so much. Maybe it’s the attitude or the way nicely worn jeans fit on a very nice physique. The ability to do dangerous work, do it well, and with an attitude doesn’t hurt either. I don’t think I have to put words to it in order to enjoy writing cowboys.

And enjoy them I do.

This might be my first book featuring cowboys, but it certainly won’t be my last. I sincerely hope readers enjoy Dustin and Tony as much as I did while I was writing their story.

After a fling with a professional polo player and model on the set of a reality show, rodeo rider Dustin Gerke wants to let go of his regrets and get back in the saddle—romantically and professionally. Determined to wash the Frenchman out of his mind, he schedules a 1Night Stand…

Unable to forget his affair with bronc rider Dustin, Pierre Anthony Archumbault III has cut back on his schedule to follow the rodeo circuit…and the cowboy he hasn’t gotten over. Signing up for a 1Night Stand he hopes for a fresh chance at a new romance…

What neither of these former lovers expected was each other, but they have one night to lasso their dreams…

About The Author:
A long time ago in a galaxy far away…oh wait, that’s a different saga. W.M. Kirkland began writing over twenty years ago, and all the stories, no matter the genre, featured handsome princes. Today, W.M. combines a love of history and fantastical settings with strong men and bonds which cannot be broken. Although these men keep W.M. at the computer most of the day, there’s still time for enjoying the outdoors, great movies, and a good time.

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