Monday, March 17, 2014

Where Are They Now?

by Wendy Burke

I was going through some files the other day and rereading some of my 1 Night Stand reviews. There seemed to be a bit of a theme – ‘I wish the story was longer,’ ‘I really want to know what happened to this couple,’ ‘a happy-for-now is great, but do they stay together?’

So, I thought to myself, maybe readers need a small update, as opposed to, at this moment, sitting down and writing an entire book of ‘what happened with?’

---Grace and Jake, The One He Chose: are happily married and busy! Grace volunteers her time as a nurse at a local medical clinic for the poor.  Jake was a Physical Education teacher and baseball coach for a local high school, but the Major League Baseball Network came calling and he’s now a part-time game analyst. Grace happily travels with him. Sometimes they look at each other and smile, knowing how much Grace’s late-husband, Ben, loved them both to make sure they were together. They visit with Grace’s brother, John, (see Bear It All) often.
---Bryn and Ian, Haste Ye Back: have bridged the miles between Scotland and Michigan. They’re together now in Ann Arbor, laying waste to Kelpie’s curse and finding immense joy in their ancient history together. Bryn works for an ad agency, and Ian plays in a Celtic band at The Fourth Base, owned by high-school friend, Martin Baird and his partner, Garret Fischer (see Accidentally Beautiful.)
---Abby and Casey, For Me: a few weeks after their 1 Night Stand in Charlevoix, the two met again when Casey (who refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer!) appeared at Abby’s front door, a dozen scarlet roses in hand. She nearly fainted, shocked the man she couldn’t see during their initial ‘date’ was much better looking than the photo which appeared on her cell phone when he called. Both consider themselves ‘too old’ to refer to themselves as ‘dating,’ but they catch up as often as possible when not busy with their demanding professions.

And, what’s next?  Stay tuned and find out!
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