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One More Night Can Change Everything

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Have you ever wondered about a decision you made in the past? Ever thought, what if? That’s the premise of One More Night. One night to see if the sins of the past can be changed and improved. Jenna and Drake are both wounded souls, but need that little push to find out if they can overcome what happened and move forward.
Who is Jenna? Who is Drake? Jenna is a simple girl trying to find her way in the world. She’s been through some bumps along the way and never quite learned to deal with the repercussions of her decisions. She comes into the story a tad immature, but it’s the journey that can help her heal. Will she heal?
What about Drake? He’s a pilot who can’t fly. A freak accident in one of his beloved planes injured his leg and made it almost impossible for him to fly. He’s going to get back into the plane and the friendly skies. Will he be able the make the turn and embrace his future, especially if it means getting Jenna back in his arms?
You’ll have to read One More Night and find out what happens next. J

One More Night
a 1Night Stand story by Wendi Zwaduk
Contemporary, Short Story, M/F, Anal Sex
From Decadent Publishing

Fear can blind. Will love show the way in the dark? All it takes is one more night...
Three years ago, Jenna ran away from what should have been the best night of her life. Letting her fear and shame get in the way of true happiness has haunted her ever since. It’s time to move on and put the past behind her. A date through the 1Night Stand service is the perfect opportunity to start living life again.
 When the love of his life slipped through his fingers, Drake hated to let her go. A near-death accident prevented him from going after her. But after three years of recovery and waiting, he’s ready to take back what’s his, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her from running again.
Can Madame Eve work a miracle or will love lose out to pride and fear?
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And now a short excerpt for your enjoyment:

“You bring out the bad girl in me. I forgot how much I liked it.”
If he shoved her panties to the side, she’d let him grope her there in the reception room. He resisted the urge to go too far and moved her dress to repair her modesty. “You’re good at being bad.” With the pads of his fingers, he stroked down the length of her leg and caressed her ankle. The crimson polish on her toes glittered in the fluorescent light. “You always did like bare feet.”
Her voice dropped to the husky purr he hadn’t heard in a long time. “My stilettos pinched my toes. Bare is more comfortable.”
“I’m glad you came back.” The old feelings welled in his brain, reminding him how he hadn’t stopped loving her. Ever. “You aren’t the same girl who walked out of here three years ago. Not really. I want to discover all the ways you’ve grown.”
“You’ve changed, too.” The husky tone of her voice trailed up his spine. Jenna traced the line of his lapel with her finger. “More poetic, less gruff. And you shaved.” For the first time since she’d set foot on the tarmac, she smiled. “I like the changes. They work on you.” She murmured in his ear, “I wouldn’t have stopped you if you kept going.” 

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  1. I loved writing this book and am glad to share it with all my readers :-)