Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating a Series…

Book two in the House of Lord Series
When I first wrote The Duke and the Virgin it was after a long dry spell. Two years with only a book a year written. I thought it would be fun to place Madame Eve into Regency England. Hell, she seems to have been everywhere else--Ancient Rome, Las Vegas, Paranormal places, and even in outer space. The difference here was working around the structures of tight Regency period. But the idea flowed and became another of the 200+ 1Night Stand books. I never meant it to be anything but a single stand-alone 1NS….


While doing the Color Me Rad 5K with editor extraordinaire Valerie Mann (To me one of the top the reasons I sub to DecadentJ) started saying I needed to write more stories, make them into a series. At first I balked. This is a standalone book. Hell, I didn’t really add more people who could make it into a series. Val walked behind me, I believe in the hopes of not getting color-bombed, threw out ideas, and loudly whispered to one of our other team members, “She won’t use these.”

Dom, one of her cool friends & Valerie 

This is what a bestselling author looks like

To be honest I did use one of the ideas, but her ideas spurred a dozen more. And while I lay in bed trying to sleep, it hit me. THE POKER GAME. The duke, Wolfe, won his date with 1Night Stand in a poker game. So there had to be others playing who heard about the date!!  Now I knew how to begin the series and The House of Lords was born.

The MARQUIS Lord Simon James Winston, Marquis of Breckinridge
The EARL Lord Andrew Masterson, Earl of Windenshire

The VISCOUNT Lord Jonathon Railey, Viscount of Aunton

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