Friday, May 9, 2014

Keeping it Classy, and Sexy

By Leigh Ellwood

I am thrilled to be a part of the Decadent Publishing family! Today my story, A Different Class, is finally available to enjoy. I have read a number of 1Night Stand stories, and loved the idea of Madame Eve matching people for a night of fun and passion. It’s exciting to know I achieved one writing goal I set for myself – getting my 1NS published.
If you’re familiar with my work, you know I write a variety of genres and couplings. I write M/M, F/F, and everything in between. I tend to stick more with contemporary romances, and as I pondered ideas for a 1NS story I decided I wanted to keep it real. My inspiration for A Different Class came, of course, from the announcement of my own high school reunion (I won’t tell you which year, but I’ll say it’s double digits and leave it there – LOL). I had the itch to write another M/M, and one day I wondered what might happen if somebody with a grudge against his former classmates refused to attend his reunion…then wound up paired with somebody on the reunion committee by Madame Eve.
Awkward? Yes. Does it put a damper on the night? Not necessarily. I wrote Glenn and Roderick as two men who discover an instant attraction, and with the Florida heat helping them along you know they’re in for a long, steamy night! As for whether or not they’re able to get over past hardships…well, read A Different Class and find out!
I enjoyed writing this story so much, I started immediately on the follow-up story. My goal is to offer as many Class series stories as Decadent will stand - LOL. Presently I am halfway through the first draft of A Class Act, another M/M 1NS, while I consider ideas for a third story. I’m also batting around the idea of an MMF ménage, but I may wait on that to see how readers react. Of course, I’m open to other combinations as well – MMM especially. I find those are fun to write!

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  1. Welcome to the Decadent family, Leigh! I also write M/M stories for this publisher, as well as other genres. I'm currently working on my first M/M/F, a sequel to a previous M/M story here. Anyway...I'm excited about your first story here and your series. Best of luck.