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Character Interview – Rob from One Night with the Bridesmaid

Rob Wellington, the hero of One Night with the Bridesmaid is a busy guy, but Sara Daniel has managed to snag him for a quick interview.

Hi Rob, come over here on the sofa and put your feet up. What would you like to drink--tea, coffee, wine?

Scotch. Actually, any kind of whiskey will do.

So what does a movie director do, exactly? Can you describe your typical day?

As a movie director, I’m responsible for bringing a story to life in a way to will resonate with viewers, entertain them for a couple hours, and hopefully give them a broader perspective on the world. In reality, I spend way too much time dealing with high-maintenances actors and actresses obsessed with stardom, regardless of how many people they have to step on to get there… Pass the whiskey, please.

I heard you've been to a rather eventful wedding recently--your brother’s? What juicy details are you at liberty to divulge?

I arrived in town on what was supposed to be the eve of my brother’s wedding. I planned my entire movie production schedule around the date, so I could be there, only to discover it had been called off. After a little digging (and a lot of whiskey), I further discovered the maid of honor had been doing most of the wedding planning. It didn’t take much to figure out she wanted my brother to herself. Well, she’s going to have to go through me first, and believe me, I won’t be so easy to fool.

On the topic of weddings--what are your views on marriage in general? Is there still such a thing as Happily Ever After? 

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty cynical. Everyone I meet wants the power and fame I can help them achieve. They don’t care about me. And if they find someone who has more of both, well, then they’re not interested in me. So, yeah, in theory I think marriage should be for love and the big Happily Ever After. But good luck finding anyone pure enough to achieve that kind of perfection.

Can you describe your "perfect girlfriend?" If you ran into her--say...on a blind date--what do you think would happen?

I suppose the “perfect girlfriend” would have a pure motivation and would like me for me and not want my money or fame. Does such a woman exist? I sincerely doubt it. The odds that I would meet her on a blind date—well, that’s absolutely ludicrous. If by some miracle I did, though, I’d be a fool to let her get away.

Oh dear, it looks like you have to run. One parting question--would you ever consider having a one night stand with a total stranger? There are girls out there who would like to know...

Being in the limelight, a guy can’t be too careful. Just because a woman’s a stranger to me, she likely knows all too well who I am and is hoping to propel her own acting career by association. Girls, find someone else. I’m not interested in being used.

Thanks for dropping by, Rob. For those who’d like to spend more time drooling over, ur, reading about him, check out One Night with the Bridesmaid.

Gifted with a 1Night Stand, Sabrina Lopez decides to use the chance to hook up with a man who knows how to give a woman pleasure—a man she’d never have the nerve to approach in real life. Madame Eve exceeds her expectations with the opportunity of a lifetime—and the man of her dreams, movie director Rob Wellington. He might be out of her league, but she’s willing to risk it all for one night.

Believing Sabrina responsible for breaking up his brother’s wedding, Rob sets out to stop her from scamming her way into the groom’s bed—even if he has to take his brother’s place. The last thing he expected to discover was a woman he could love and hold for the rest of his life—if he can convince her that he wants more than one night….

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