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New Review for Lover Enslaved

I recently received a new review for Lover Enslaved from MM Good Book Reviews. Believe it or not, I always read reviews, good or bad. Why? Because if they are goodn I’m glad, and if they are so-so or critical, I always learn something. Yep. I do. Especially when it’s about areas where my writing could be improved. I didn’t see any suggestions on that in this review, but I did notice she mentioned my dedication:
It hints at the front that people wanted Thomas and Arjun’s story so I feel as if this comes from another book and I really, really want to read that, too.
I wish that I did have another book based on Thomas and Arjun, but I do not. However, there is a possibility that I could either 1. Write another 1NS set in India, or 2. Write a spin-off 1NS story. The people in the front of the book who wanted to see Tomas and Arjun’s story published were my local writers group. A bunch of gals that normally don’t even read romance who agree to critique my work. I appreciate their willingness to read my smexyness! I’ll give you a sample of that below.

Here’s the blurb for Lover Enslaved:
Stranded for twenty-four hours in Mumbai, India, contract negotiator, Thomas Barkley searches for a man who can make him forget his pain. When a trip through the red light district leaves him cold, he turns to Madame Eve’s service and finds a shot at redemption—but first, he has to survive it. 
Indian male prostitute, Arjun Mukesh, begged Madame Eve to set him up for one night of real pleasure. He knows better than to expect anything but a brief hiatus from his miserable life. When Thomas showers Arjun with tender and very real affection, his heart begins to ache for the more than a taste of the life he cannot have. Unfortunately, his boss Ranjeet won’t to let him go without a fight. 
Amidst a spray of bullets, Thomas must convince Arjun to take a chance on a new life in America before it’s too late for both of them.

Reveling in the gorgeous sight, Arjun came as well, something he never did with his clients, a part of himself he never let them see. This was Thomas, who already seemed a part of him. Not like a client but…a true lover. He came over his belly, the liquid warmth culminating their joining. The very real affection he felt for Thomas nearly breaking his heart.
The impact of Thomas collapsing on him stole his breath, sending waves of delicious security over him. His heart clenched and he closed his eyes, embracing Thomas and holding tight for however many seconds the glorious pleasure would last.
“Arjun.” Thomas kissed his neck, up the side of his face, his forehead, his lids, his nose, his chin, and then the other side. All the while, his fingers caressed and traced over the welts covering his back as though trying to erase them, replacing the bitter memories with new ones. With love.
Tears formed, unwelcome. No, he couldn’t think like that. The idea this man could really love him was too far-fetched.
Thomas gave him a squeeze. “That, Arjun, is how a man is supposed to make love. Do you understand the difference now?”
He whined out a soft “yes,” and Thomas immediately covered his mouth with a sweltering kiss. He melted into it with his whole heart and soul.
Long moments later, Thomas broke the kiss and sighed. “Arjun, that was…perfect. You’re perfect.” Thomas lifted him from the bed. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”
Thomas cradled him in his arms all the way to the shower, then set him on his feet gently. Protecting him from the first cold blasts of spray, he adjusted the water temperature. Then, even in the shower, he caressed and soothed with his hands. Arjun felt…cherished. Pampered. A piece of his heart he hadn’t known existed flowered into happiness and drifted freely toward the light, bringing more tears. He buried his head in Thomas’ shoulder and let the salty drops mix with the water and fall. They’re only tears from a whore. They are of no consequence.
Thomas washed them, his devilish hands partly fixed to their task but lingering in certain areas guaranteed to arouse heat. Before long, their cocks had hardened again.
“Ready for more?” Thomas asked.
“Yes, please.”
Thomas pinned him to the shower stall with his soapy body, rubbing his mouth and cock against him relentlessly, opening him to more long, slow loving. And, once more, storm clouds gathered in Arjun’s heart, drowning him with sorrow for a love he could never possess.

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